New Saga of the Beast New Ork Rules REVEALED!

ork walA healthy dose of new Ork rules coming inside of Saga of the Beast has just been revealed. Check out some of the new tricks they’re getting now.

Orks are picking up speed after Ghazghkull’s new model was revealed. Warhammer Community also just previewed some new rules that’ll be coming inside Saga of the Beast. Check out what’s on the way and be sure to tell us of any potentially nasty combos you see.

Saga of the Beast New Ork Rules Revealed!

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ghazghkull rules officialIn case you missed Ghazghkull’s full datasheet, we’ve got it all here for you. Some of the bigger changes to note is that he lost his Infantry keyword. Plus, he’s 12 wounds which means he can be shot at from across the board. On the flip side, he’s still got his 4++ invuln and can only take four damage each phase.

New Psychic Power



ork psychic power clever talkWe’ve got a preview for the Blood Axes Psychic Power but don’t worry. Each clan is going to be getting their own power.

This being the Psychic Awakening, each of the six Ork Clans (and the Freebooterz) all get a new psychic power, which can be selected instead of generating one from the Waaagh! discipline

As for Clever Talk, this is a brutal payoff for just a WC of 6. You can pick something visible to your Psyker and shut down their overwatch and they have to fight last. This means your Weirdboy can hang back and fling some Boyz up the board one turn. Then next turn, he can shut down something like a Knight Valiant’s flamers and let the Boyz walk right into melee.

Ork Players Can Customize Their Clans

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Ork custom clan rules pyromaniacsOrks are also getting the custom rules package in Saga of the Beast with the Pyromaniacs rules revealed. This rule is pretty powerful if you build your list right. Basically just take everything with weapons themed around fire and flame. You can reroll your shot output for a whole list of weapons including skorcha missiles and killa jets. And if you get into melee with your Burnas, you can reroll your wounds!

As one last little cherry on top, your Burna Bombs will be exploding way easier with +1 to the roll. As we said, you can really make an all-out damage list if you take the right things. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’ll be exciting to see what other custom rules lie ahead.

GW Gives more Incentive To Take Their Faction Terrain

Pass or Fail: Orks Mekboy Workshop Rules BreakdownIf you can fit this in your list, GW is going to be giving Orks a bonus rule.

ork terrain rule orkymatic pistonsThe big klunky walkers out of the Ork armory will be able to add 3″ to their base movement (which is already huge) and can reroll their advances. But that’s just one of the rules that you can get if you take a Mekboy Workshop. Apparently, you have the option of picking other rules through a Stratagem as well.

If you’ve not got a Mekboy Workshop, you can still choose a Kustom Job through the use of a Stratagem. So, everybody can have a Souped-up Speshul, some Nitro-powered Squigs or a Forktress.

Two More Stratagems Revealed

ork stratagem klever spanner1 CP to potentially triple your shot output? Yes, please! This Strat is crazy and will pair fantastically with the already competitive Loota squads hiding behind some Grots.

ork stratagem flyin eadbuttFlyin ‘Eadbutt is an Orky way of going down swinging. You basically get to auto-explode your Flyers. This is PERFECT for a Burna Bommer you’re harassing the enemy with.

What do you think about the new Ork rules? Did they just get way more competitive? Will you be spamming Skorchas and Burna Bommers?

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