Making it Affordable: Starting a 40k Imperial Guard Army

tempestus 1 guard astra hor war We break down a 2,000 pt army list, its cost, and alternatives for starting to play Imperial Guard in Warhammer 40k.

Games Workshop has always been expensive. And in recent days, it looks like the price is only going up, up and up. Stepping into the Imperial Guard, we’ll be checking out how expensive it would be to build a relevant 2,000 pt army list and then look at some alternatives to make it more affordable as well.

Making it Affordable: Starting a 40k Imperial Guard Army

Artillery imperial guard hor Playing 40k at Those Awkward Low Point LevelsBringing in the units that are able to make two Battalions and a Supreme Command Detachment for roughly 2000 pts

Battalion #1

  • 2x Company Commanders (You can get away with using any other T3 model as GW doesn’t have a Company Commander sold individually).
  • 3x Guardsmen Units (Troops) $105
  • 3x Basilisks $165
  • 2x Valkyries$150

Battalion #2

  • 2x Primaris Psykers $30
  • 3x Guardsmen Units (Troops) $105
  • 2x Bullgryn Units $110
  • 3x Wyverns $180

Supreme Command 

  • 3x Tank Commanders $165

Again, note: this isn’t a hyper-optimized list. However, these are definitely some of the most heavily-picked units we’ve seen averaged across all Guard tournament lists.

Grand Total $$$: $1,010

You might be able to remember a few years back when you could get a 2,000 pt list for about $450-$500 (which is most definitely still an investment). But the overall expected cost to start an army from scratch has doubled in recent years. While we can’t do much about the price, we’re left to shop smart and find deals.

Some outstanding alternatives to GW’s plastic Guard are companies like Victoria Miniatures, Anvil Industries, Wargames Atlantic, and Artel “W” Miniatures

victoria minis svargan soldatVictoria Miniatures is great for finding alternate regiments that are OOP from GW

anvil industry guardsmenAnvil Industry has some great Scion/elite-style units to pick from

artel w recon squadArtel “W” Miniatures also has a huge range of Guard-type models to choose from with some sweet dynamic poses. 

Wargames Atlantic focuses in on the footsoldiers of the tabletop. Bringing actual historical models to the tabletop as well as a futuristic blend of past soldiers equipped with advanced wargear. Maybe best of all, 24 models from them only cost $35!  Check out Wargames Atlantic.

If you are just an overall fan of everything GW and don’t want to branch out to the secondary market full of other alternatives, another great option is to buy bulk collections on eBay and split boxes with a friend when you can!

Just remember that building up a collection takes time. Buy a kit and complete it before you jump to another one (yeah, it’s easier said than done. We know). But the most important thing is to enjoy yourself and don’t over-extend!

What’s your favorite Imperial Guard unit to play on the tabletop? Do you have a favorite alternate-model company you go to for everything?

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