Top 3 Sisters of Battle 40k Army Lists Right Now: Meta Watch

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sister of battle wal hor imageWe’ll be going over the top three Sisters of Battle 40k army lists from LVO, as they were just starting to hit the scene when the lockdown started…

Looking back to 2020’s LVO, we saw nearly a thousand 40k players come together to roll dice. With that said, we saw a few Sisters list flexing on other factions as well. While these lists might not have come in the top 3, the top 300 is still great when you look at the scale of how many people were at the event.

Now let’s jump into what was brought, as Pajama Pants piloted them to 20th overall at the event!

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lvo 2020 tic competitiveLas Vegas Open 2020- Coverage

227th Place: Adam Traux- Sisters of Battle

sister of battle wal hor


sisters of battle adam traux 1For this Sisters list, we’re starting off with a classic Battalion for the CP battery. Some Battle Sister squads were brought with a storm bolter in each. Now, upping the dakka a bit, two Dominion squads loaded with storm bolters were brought. Sisters are one of those armies where we shouldn’t underestimate the power of cheap bolter fire.

sisters of battle adam traux 2To form an anti-armor gunline, three Exorcists hit the table and lobbed shots. Breaking into the Forge World armory a bit, two Repressors were also brought along to help get Sisters to the front line, and I think to be a firing platform for the Dominion Squads.

sisters of battle adam traux 3Finally, we had another Battalion with a little Repentia bomb made. A Repentia Superior and Sister Repentia squad were probably loaded into a Rhino and shot out like a wrecking ball against anything they could find themselves in melee with. These girls are the literal definition of a glass cannon so the Rhino gave them a little bit more speed and survivability.

But even if the girls never made it into combat, it served as a good distraction for the rest of the list. Another small wrecking ball squad was a squad of Moritifers. These dudes are deceptively fast and with their penitent flails, they can really tear up some fleshy targets in combat. More importantly, these versions get the Acts of Faith that the regular Penitent Engines don’t.  Awesome list.

109th Place: Oslind Meloche- Adeptus Sororitas

Sisters of battle wal hor


lvo sisters of battle oslind 1Starting with an Outrider Detachment, almost 400 pts were thrown into Sisters with jump packs Two Seraphim squads were given flamers and another squad pistols. These girls could be used reactively to drop down and clear an objective or proactively to help clear screens from the 2nd turn, on.

lvo sisters of battle oslind 2Even more ladies with wings hit the tabletop with two Zephyrim squads loaded with power swords. They’re the perfect unit for Celestine to roll around with and slap things into next week. Taking a Brigade, Oslind also spammed Battle Sister squads and gave each one a storm bolter. 
lvo sisters of battle oslind 3
By now, you’d think this is where we start to talk about the anti-armor aspect of the list. But instead, he kept loading sister squads up with storm bolters and heavy bolters. Between three Dominion squads with storm bolters and a while Retributor squad armed with heavy bolters, he kept things cheap and was able to spam bolter fire enough to make the Imperial Fists proud.

This list was really a mobile “death by a thousand paper-cuts” list. Nice work.

20th Place: Alan Bajramovic- Sisters of Battle

sister wal hor Adepta Sororitas sisters of battle



lvo sisters of battle bajramovic 1This is the highest-placed Sisters list we saw from the event. Coming in the top 20, Alan jumped right into a Brigade filled with cheap Battle Sister Squads. Two Imagifiers were brought with the Tale of the Stoic so friendly units could ignore -1 AP shots. This is really just a solid counter to Space Marine Doctrines on weapons that don’t have any base AP to begin with. But definitely useful for Sisters that’ll be running a bunch of bodies.

lvo sisters of battle bajramovic 2Next, a Seraphim tank-busting force was brought with three squads loaded to the teeth with Plasma and Inferno pistols. Dropping down from the sky and melting a tank before any reactions can be made is definitely solid. The only downside to that kind of tank-popping firepower is that those units have to be very close. So to help with that, three Exorcists were also brought along and lobbed high-strength shots where they were needed.

Finally, a little Vanguard detachment with thirty total Zephyrim with power swords also hit the deck. These girls were melee powerhouses and couldn’t be ignored if they decided to push in a flank.

Awesome list and way to go on paving the way for a competitive Sororitas list from the LVO and on!

What do you think about the Sisters of Battle in the current meta? Are they better off running a ton of little bodies armed with bolters? Are Zephyrim squads an auto-include melee option in each list? 

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