2 New 40k Indomitus Datasheet Rules: Eradicators & Cryptothralls

Primaris wal hor space marines power armorNew 40k datasheet rules for two of the units inside the Indomitus 9th Edition Box Set are here for the Primaris Eradicators and Cyptrothralls!

Warhammer TV on Twitch first revealed two datasheets of units coming inside the Indomitus Box Set. Taking a look at a new unit each for the Astartes and Necrons, we can get a better idea of the tricks the factions are getting.

2 New 40k Indomitus Datasheet Rules: Eradicators & Cryptothralls

Eradicators white


9th edition eradicator squadStarting with the Eradicator Squad, they’re a unit of three and come with statlines that you’d expect to have Gravis armor dudes to have. They’re T5 with three wounds and a 3+ Sv. Aggressors have proven (especially with a little bit of character support like banners) that they are a stubborn unit to pick off the board.

These guys each have a bolt pistol and a 24″ assault 1 melta rifle that has the exact same stats as all other melta weapons. What really sets these guys over the hump is Total Obliteration. This is essentially the same rule that the Repulsor Executioner has. These dudes can shoot twice if they all focus-fire one unit (which you should probably be doing anyway with only three base melta shots).

vulkan-hestan-salamanderAs it stands right now, with Salamander’s Promethean Cult rule, these meltas will be +1 to wound. In the right circumstances, that could be six S8 shots wounding a Knight on 3’s. Plus, they get a free reroll to hit/wound. Wow.

Cryptothralls white



necron cryptothrallThe GW team mentioned that these guys should almost always be following your Crypteks as their own henchmen. Cryptothralls look like jet turbines with icepick arms but they’re surprisingly potent in-game.

These guys are S5, T5, 2W, and have a 3+ Save which is impressive for Necrons of their stature. Going into wargear, they’ve got S5 pistol eyes and some limbs that have some decent frontline anti-infantry capability.

What makes these guys really outstanding is that they can be taken without taking up a detachment slot if you bring a Cryptek. While they’re within 3″ of that Cryptek, no enemy units can ever target them thanks to Protection.

Finally, to make them a bit better off, if they are within 6″ of a Cryptek when they shoot or fight, you can change their WS/BS to a 3+ and they get more attacks as well!

At being only 2PL, er have a decent idea of how many points this unit will cost. Given the fact that these guys deny any targeting for Crypteks (which are a staple unit in any Necron army), it makes them worth it alone.

There you have it! The first full datasheets to be revealed for units inside the Indomitus Box Set!

What are your thoughts on what we’ve just talked about? Are Eradicators going to be popping up in every Salamanders list? How will you be painting up your Cryptothralls? Does their Protection rule make Snipers less competitive?

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