The Top Thousand Sons 40k Army Lists Before 9th Edition

thousand sonsThousand Sons have been a Chaos fan favorite since the start of 8th edition, so here are their top 3 40k army lists from the 2020 Las Vegas Open.

2020’s LVO brought in nearly one-thousand different players to roll dice. Now, we’ll be looking specifically at some Thousand Sons lists with all their mind bullets! Keep in mind that even if someone places in the top 300-400, they’re still doing better than over half of the players overall.

Top 3 Thousand Sons Army Lists Right Now

Thanks to Best Coast Pairings, we can look back at the event as if we were there ourselves.

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lvo 2020 tic competitiveLas Vegas Open 2020- Coverage

475th Place: David Burdett- Thousand Sons

Thousand SonsNote: Before we jump into this first list, there’s a bit of a placement discrepancy on Battlescribe. If you go on the website, Ryan McCall is placed at 382nd place. However, on the app, he’s not found anywhere close to what’s listed. For that, we moved to the next list in line with David Burdett.

david burdett t sons 1For this list, Ahriman was at the helm of a cheap Battalion filled with Cultists. These were kept small to fill out the obligatory Troops choice or the CP and could also make great objective campers. They’re easy to kill, but with so many threats on the table, it was difficult for the opponent to prioritize killing them.

Beyond that, another Battalion was brought with two Daemon Princes leading the charge as a Chaos form of a Smash Captain. However, Rubric Marines were taken here as probably some of the secretly tankiest Marine units Chaos has to offer. One squad of ten was also taken to absorb a bigger punch and screen for the Daemon Princes to get up close.

Finally, a Supreme Command was taken with a third Daemon Prince and a few cheap Sorcerers for more mind bullets. With the points left over, David also brought big papa Magnus for every last bit of psychic shenanigans. This last had a lot of threats that were difficult to deal with as well as a phenomenal psychic phase. Nice job!

367th Place: Kayleb Kirby- Thousand Sons

thousand sons


kayleb kirby t sons 1This is the most elite list we’ll be talking about for Thousand Sons with Kayleb bringing ABSOLUTE UNITS. Starting off, we’ve got three Daemon Princes with wings which are pretty standard issue in any Chaos list. However, instead of the talons that we normally see, he gave each one a sword. In the same detachment, he brought Magnus for some dank 2d6 mortal wound smites and other psychic tricks.

For a little CP battery, he had Ahriman and Sorcerer lead a Battalion of Rubrics and a big old Scarab Occult Terminator squad clocking in at just over 300 pts. Really, the only job the Rubric’s had was to soak up shots to keep the Daemon Princes from being shot at on the first turn. By the time turn two rolled around, DPs and Terminators could drop into charging range and seal the deal. Sweet list.

243rd Place: Bret Killeen



bret killeen t sons 1This list had a more even spread as far as points go. A Battalion with Ahriman at the head was filled with some Cultists for a CP battery. After that, another Battalion was taken with two Sorcerers leading two Rubric Marine squads as well as two big Tzaangor blobs armed with blades. These were some dope screen-shredding shock troops that are surprisingly effective.

bret killeen t sons 2A Tzaangor Shaman, as well as some Tzaangor Enlightened, also rolled in. The Enlighted are a disgusting unit if they get a few shooting phases to pop off with their bows. Finally, a Vanguard detachment was brought to add a little extra shooting spice to the list. An Exalted Sorcerer was in charge of a Chaos Decimator which essentially has two mortal wound cannons as well as two Contemptors.

One Contemptor had c-beam arms so it probably stood as far back as possible all game and dared any kind of army to roll into view. For some Primaris-killing shots, a Contemptor with Butcher Cannons also hit the board. Way to go, placing as the highest Thousand Sons-exclusive list from 2020’s LVO.

Overall, each of these lists varied pretty heavily from one another. Although none of them finished in the top 10, you have to remember that they all did better than almost the majority of players at the event. That really says something when nearly one-thousand people show up to battle in one spot.

What’s your favorite list from the ones we covered? Do you like to play with Tzaangor support in your army? Or do you prefer the overall durability that doubling down on Rubric Marines gives? 

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