9th Edition 40k Imperial & Chaos Knights Points Changes

chaos knight wal 2It’s Lords of War time! Check out all the new points changes that hit the Imperial and Chaos Knights for 9th Edition Warhammer 40k!

Reddit has a Google spreadsheet of point adjustments for just about every faction. U/Saiek mentioned that it’s a work in progress so some tweaks are bound to turn up eventually. With that said, here’s the latest on Imperial and Chaos Knight point adjustments.

Up to this point, we’ve only been covering the base unit cost and not counting wargear. However, because these guy’s wargear is so expensive, the points adjustments that have been made are too important not to cover.

9th Edition 40k Imperial & Chaos Knights Points Changes
a-lance knight wal hor


imperial knight points 1Starting off, everything for Knights went up. The Castellan, which is a monster in its own class only went up 35pts base. Meanwhile, the Crusader and Warden took a pretty big hit going up 110pts.

imperial knight points 2Now let’s talk about ranged weapons. Holy cow did they decrease significantly. For starters, The Castellan’s main wargear went WAY down. It’s actually free. Both the Volcano Lance and Plasma Decimator are now completely free.

For other Knights, the Rapid-fire Battle Cannon didn’t budge but the AGC went down by 75 pts costing 0 now.

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Overall, the big winner here is the Castellan while other Knights base cost went up (some over 100pts), their wargear went way, way down.

imperial knight points 3As for melee weapons, nothing has changed.

Chaos Knight Point Adjustments

Knight Heretic chaos wal hor


chaos knight points 1For Chaos, they all got smaller base point adjustments with no crazy numbers like the Imperium got.

chaos knight points 2However, because Chaos Knights have a different set of rules and can even double up on weapons, their wargear doesn’t look anything close to the Imperium. The AGC actually went up in points and the Tyrant (Castellan’s Chaos equivalent) had its volcano lance stay the same at 70 pts.

Another thing to note is that the War Dog’s Autocannon went up to 10 pts while the Imperial’s Helverin’s autocannons stayed at 0. Definitely an interesting set of changes to compare.

chaos knight points 3

Once again for melee, no changes hit Chaos either.

After looking at all the changes and adding up the wargear that you gave your Knights, how much more expensive has your list become? Did Imperium make it out better than Chaos?

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