Deathwatch & Grey Knights 9th Edition 40k Points Changes

draigo spire of madness loreMoving into some Astartes factions that aren’t a living “Chapter” we’ve got the points changes for  Deathwatch and Grey Knights in 9th Edition 40k.

Reddit has a Google spreadsheet of point adjustments for just about every faction. U/Saiek mentioned that it’s a work in progress so some tweaks are bound to turn up eventually. With that said, some things are bound to change slightly as more factions are added. With that said, let’s look at everything the Deathwatch and Grey knights are about to be hit with.


9th edition pointsJust as a formatting key, the column on the left is 8th Edition’s points, the column in the middle is 9th Edition’s points, and the column all the way on the right is the % of change from 8th to 9th Edition.

We’ve also already seen the spread of points changes for generic Space Marine units across all Chapters. If you want to take a look at them, we’ve got it covered here for you.

Deathwatch 9th Edition 40k Points Changes

humble bundle deathwatchWe’ll be looking at the base unit cost right now. The spreadsheets also have all the updated points for wargear but that’s all dependent on what you’ve given your models. We suggest you check out the wargear listing at some point as well to tally up how much your lists will actually cost.

deathwatch points 1For the most part, HQ’s haven’t gone up all that much aside from the Chaplains and Captains with a Jump Pack. It looks like GW might have put a premium on mobility in 9th.

deathwatch points 2Whew, Inceptors, Aggressors, and Hellblasters pretty much doubled in cost which is a huge NERF. If we see a Hellblaster platform in a list, there probably won’t be enough points leftover to bring something equally scary.

deathwatch points 3The Land Raider Redeemer went way up, but generally speaking, we never see Land Raiders anymore. Kind of an odd change if you ask us. Finally, the Corvus Blackstar which is a debatable unit in the faction also went up a couple of points now sitting at 140.

Grey Knights 9th Edition 40k Points Changes

Grey Knights


grey knight points 1Strike Squads, Purgation, and Purifiers all went up to 17 pts base which is huge in what is considered an already overcosted army. While Grey Knights did get exceptionally better with their Tides (their version of a Chapter Doctrine), it looks like GK lists may be looking similar to their size at the start of 8th Edition. Grand Masters in Nemesis Dreadknights are also getting more expensive now costing just under 200 pts base, which has been a star unit for the army for years.

grey knight points 2Where Grey Knights did win is in the named character department. We’ve seen some other Chapters get demolished with named character points skyrocketing. On that note, Grey Knights made out decently with characters like Voldus and Draigo.

After seeing these two factions of Space Marines covered, you’ll still want to check out the wargear you’ve given your models. While it may look like some units have become unplayable, largely, wargear has been heavily discounted or is now completely free.

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What do you think about these changes? Will Grey Knights and Deathwatch still be competitive in 9th Edition?

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