GW Opening Another Warhammer Cafe Store In the USA

warhammer cafe wal horIf you like chill places to hang out and a space to get your Warhammer on, a new GW cafe store is opening up in the USA. Check out the latest.

GW is opening another store in the USA but this isn’t your typical GW store. It also doubles as a cafe! This is going to be a sweet spot to get that venti white chocolate mocha double shot of espresso with light ice that you’re too ashamed to get at Starbucks. Soon, you’ll be able to order some snacks and drinks while picking up a box of Intercessors, all in one go.

GW Opening Another Warhammer Cafe Store In the USA

Lutherniel artist Khorne ChaosTo clear the air a bit, a Warhammer cafe is exactly what it sounds like.

Warhammer Cafe will have a larger footprint, allowing for more gaming tables and enough space to run special events and activities. What’s more, you’ll be able to hang out and fuel your gaming and painting sessions with some tasty snacks and top-notch beverages.

So Where Is It Located?

bugmansbarThe next Warhammer cafe is going in Monrovia, California and right now, they’re looking for someone to fill a General Manager position.

jobs in this locationLooking at the other jobs in the area, it seems like there’s a general push to colonize California over other areas. Now, we know there are plenty of GW stores all across the USA, but there are four manager positions still up at the time of writing this in Cali alone.

If you’re reading this and you just happen to be in the area of where the job is located, you may want to read over the application and requirements!

For the rest of us, would you like a place to grab a coffee and muffin while you play your Warhammer games? Are you happy with sticking to a Monster and a honey bun from your LGS?

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