Stationary Weapons From Mortian Join The Fight

By Travis Pasch | July 19th, 2020 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

mortian heavy mortarThese new stationary weapons from Mortian are perfect when your defenses have to hold. Don’t mess around when it comes to your big guns!

These Mortian stationary weapons are awesome! When you are getting assaulted on all sides, these weapons pump out the damage to keep your army afloat. If you’ve been looking for an easy and cheap way to add some firepower, these are the way to go.

They will be releasing more gunner options soon as well, so keep an eye out for all the extra goodness from the hobby maniacs at Mortian. Let’s dive into the options.

Stationary Weapons Twin Autocannon: € 12,00

Stationary MortianUnleash the power of the deadly autocannon on your enemies! These look so cool and really add the firepower you need to destroy your enemies.

Twin Heavy Grenade Launcher: € 12,00

Stationary MortianWhat’s better than one grenade launcher? Obviously, a twin grenade launcher. Mortian has been coming out with a ton of cool stuff lately, go see what else they have to offer.

Twin Mortar: € 12,00

Stationary MortianThe Mortars have come out to play! Indirect fire can be really good in 9th, take full advantage with this bad boy.

Heavy Mortar: € 12,00

Stationary MortianThe heavy mortar is perfect when you need to thin the opponent’s lines from a mile away.

Heavy Mortar: € 12,00

Stationary MortianThe Squat size of the heavy mortar. It doesn’t have quite range the but fires a heavier round. Your guardsmen will love the additional long-range support.

Gatling Cannon: € 12,00

Stationary MortianIt looks like fliers will be in full force in 9th. Shoot them from the sky with this heavy weapon.

Quad Machine Gun: € 12,00

Stationary MortianThe perfect answer to large masses of infantry or fliers. Don’t fight an Ork or Tyranid horde without at least a couple.

Searchlight: € 15,00

Stationary MortianNight battle? No problem, flush out those annoying assassins and win the day.  Don’t miss out on all these awesome Weapon platforms! Go pick up a whole bunch today.

Stationary Weapons From Mortian

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