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By Travis Pasch | July 20th, 2020 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, Game Mat EU, Warhammer 40k

Game Mat

Get two for one on your money with this Doubled Sided Game Mat! This awesome 6×4 mat is perfect for games of Warhammer, AOS, Star Wars Legion, and many others.

Take your battles to the sands of time or duke it out over a lost world. This mat also makes a great platform for board gaming and cards as well. Who wants to crush your enemies on a simple wooden table? Not you.

In times like ours, you have to take every opportunity available to get a game in. If you’re going to be spending all that time moving minis around, might as well do it on a great mat.

Doubled Sided Game Mat: 99,00 €


Game Mat EU

Every Mat has two sides, might as well get one where both are usable!


Game Mat EU

Take your armies to the Sands of Time and Dominate the world. If you want to see what Rob thinks of the mats, check out the video here

Here are the specs on the mat:

  • Peep the specs from Game Mat EU:
  • rubber-based (mousepad material) battle mat with highly detailed printed design
  • 6 by 4 feet size (183×122 cm)
  • lays perfectly flat, no dog ears
  • 2 mm thick durable rubber base
  • weight 3.5 kg
  • waterproof
  • no light reflections
  • softens rolling dice sounds
  • smooths model movement
  • soft protection for dropped models
  • adds amazing cinematic effect to your games
  • turns your tabletop into a real battlefield
  • battle bag included

It’s awesome how much you get with this single purchase! Not only does your game quality get immediately increased, but your models are also safer and those annoying dice rolls are softened. We have even heard tales that the mat somehow makes the home army roll better… We can neither confirm nor deny this, but if you believe it, it’s true.

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Doubled Sided Game Mat: 99,00 €

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