New Highway Bases From Micro Art studio

Highway Bases

Too long have your models walked on grass and other boring surfaces! Let your models roam the roads with these incredible highway bases from Micro Art Studio.

They come in basically every size, so your lowliest grot to your mightiest biker can rumble over the road. They come unpainted but assembled.

The creative minds at Micro Art Studio are overflowing with ideas recently! These bases are perfect for any game system and will turn a normal model into a centerpiece quickly.

Highway Bases: 75 MM 7.38

New Highway Bases: Micro Art studio


The 75mm Bases are incredible! They capture tons of little details but aren’t cluttered

Highway Bases: 80 MM 6.49

New Highway Bases: Micro Art studio

The 80 MM bases are perfect for the big boys in your army! Specialized Bases are perfect for the lazy hobbyist and mastermind alike, you can add flavor to an army with hardly any work or make an already incredible model that much better. Just put them on these bases, and voila, a conversion! Speaking of conversions, go check out these awesome space marines just coming back from a long hunt 

Wood Bases: 60mm  4.99

New Highway Bases: Micro Art studio

The wood bases hold so much detail! They will make your bigger models stand apart from the filth schlepping on grass or dirt!

Bases are one of the easiest and quickest additions to any army. They will make them stand out on the tabletop! If you need a tutorial on how to base your models check out our article to bring your conversions to the next level.

Whether you play Infinity, or whatever, this is an awesome way for your models to walk to victory. Oddly enough, when on the tabletop, bases are possibly the easiest part of a model to see. Since you’re always looking from above, the base makes a huge difference and can become the focal point of your model. The better the base, the better the model!

If you’re familiar with Micro Art Studio you know they make awesome Infinity terrain. As part of the releases this month they also came out with some other really cool terrain lately. Go drool over it here.

This is an easy and awesome way to improve the look of your models in just a few minutes! go get some new bases today!

Highway Bases

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