Real Bone Dice by Misty Mountain Gaming

Bone DiceRegular dice are just so much more boring than real layered bone dice. You can crush your enemies or adventure through a campaign while rolling in style with these dice!

After years of development and refinement, they finally cracked the code on a proprietary process to produce solid-layered bone dice! They are also a veteran-owned business and pride themselves on using sustainable methods. They use all cruelty-free materials and even donate to charitable organizations, that seems like a win, win, win, win. 

If you want in on this, hop on soon! they expect all materials to be shipping as early as July. Go check them out here.  Now let’s take a closer look at these awesome dice. 

Bone Dice:

Bone Dice 4Ragnar’s Bone Dice sets have a few different options for finishes and pip styling.  Natural Finish is the organic material devoid of any staining or other alteration process, while Stained Finish utilizes a specific staining process to give the dice a more worn and aged look. 

Bone Dice 3Choose from a single polyhedral D20, D6 6pcs and 12pcs sets, or the ultimate 7pcs Main Set that also includes a cruelty-free bovine leather bag made in Virginia by Marine Corp Veterans.  

bone dice 5Solid-layer bone dice is a concept we have worked on for a number of years and we’re not going to roll out until we perfected the proprietary process.  Since all our products are 100% handmade, the research and development for each iteration has been a time-consuming process.

Bone dice 6The Water Buffalo Horn Mug includes a triple seal, allowing it to be used for both hot and cold beverages.

Don’t hesitate on this awesome opportunity! Go and back some really cool gamers and get some awesome products in return. Your opponents will always look at you with envy when you break these dice out. Go support them here.

Now that you’re fixated on dice, go learn more about fate’s cruel messenger. 

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