Stretch Goals Flying By For Studio X: Pledge Now!

studio X kickstarterThe stretch goals for the Studio X Mobile Miniature Kickstarter are flying by! These carrying cases make painting anywhere a breeze.

The revamped Kickstart is really taking off! And it makes sense, who doesn’t need to make their hobbying easier, portable and cleaner? The Stretch goals for Studio X are reaching some really impressive heights. The more we all support, the more we all get! They have already reached seven of the stretch goals!

Why not support them and see just how much more stuff we can unlock? Let’s dive into what has already been funded, and what’s to come.

Stretch Goals For Studio X

First Stretch Goal:

Studio X Stretch GoalThis one happened fast! Tons of free wet pallette paper, yes, please!

Second Stretch Goal:

Studio X Goal 2This goal comes in the form of more paint from an awesome company! Sign us up.

Third Stretch Goal:

Studio X Goal 3Oh yeah, give us those premium doors! And self-healing Cutting Mats are added to the mix just because they are awesome!

Fourth Stretch Goal:

Studio X Goal 4Wow, a five-hour-long live stream with Banshee! Join the Kickstarter and get your question ready.

Fifth Stretch Goal:


Studio X Goal 5More free stuff! This reference wheel is super helpful when trying to master your scheme or when trying something new!

Sixth Stretch Goal:

Studio X Goal 6Keep track of your studio no matter where you take it! Even if you don’t plan on flying with your mobile studio, you can use these to look snazzy in the airport on your normal luggage.

Seventh Stretch Goal:

Studio X Goal 7Another live stream to help us all paint better? We’ll take it! Who doesn’t need the extra help when it comes to painting?

Eighth Stretch Goal: (Not Reached Yet)

Studio X Goal 8This is just the start of the unreached goals! It looks like we will get plenty more funded before it’s all said and done.

They still have plenty of goals to unlock, so get over there pledge Studio X today!

Unlock More Stretch Goals For Studio X

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