The Army Painter Has New Miniature Painting Guides!

The Army Painter - New Painting GuideBeen wondering which paints to pick and when? These new miniature painting guides from the Army Painter will help you find the perfect pairing of paints!

The Army Painter is always on the cutting edge of new painting technology while keeping their prices affordable. Not only do they make great hobby products, but they also have tons of awesome guides on how to paint and model miniatures. Their newest guide is all about finding the perfect color and pairings for every scheme you can think of.

We have definitely been at a loss at times when thinking about what color should come next. This new painting guide really takes away a ton of that uncertainty. Let’s jump into a closer look at the guide.

The Army Painter Has New Miniature Painting Guides!

New Painting GuideOne of the hardest parts about painting, for newer painters especially, is knowing what colors to even pick! This guide goes over the initial colors to choose for each scheme, and then what colors to follow up with. If you love The Army Painter, go see what else they have to offer.


Pick Your ColorsThey show you everything from which primers to use all the way to the final highlights. This really makes trying a new scheme easy. Instead of guessing at every new color, you just know exactly where to go next.

How to Pick ColorsThe darker colors can always be hard, stop making things up, and just follow the guide! If worst comes to worst, blame the goblin!

The Army Painter Paint GuideWe love every color scheme they are throwing out here! And these are just a few of the matches they cover. If only these were out when we first started…

The guide is so much more in-depth than we can show you here! Stop wondering about what paints to use and go pick this guide up today!

How To Pick Your Colors

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