WWI Germans Swoop in From Wargames Atlantic

By Travis Pasch | July 21st, 2020 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, News / Rumors

German Infantry WA The WWI Germans have arrived! The pre-order has ended and these are ready for battle. If you’ve been looking for some cool WWI stuff you can’t go wrong here.

The Great War is a favorite among historical gamers to recreate. However, it can often be hard to get high-quality minis sometimes, no longer. These models are loaded with detail and great to play with.

It is hard to beat Wargames Atlantic when it comes to value on the tabletop, as you get a ton of minis for a great price, plus when you combine these with the Raumjager, and Grognard kits they get really grim dark.

Here is their latest release.

WWI Germans (1916-1918): $34.95

WWI Germans

Charge! Rush the trenches with these great looking models. Wargames Atlantic has all kinds of cool stuff, go check it out here.

German Infantry WA Just look at how many bits you get with these sprues. It’s hard to ever argue with more bits. If your bit box is overflowing, just get a bigger bin… or actually do some conversions for once.

German Infantry WA The war that would be over by Christmas 1914 drags on. Soldiers on both sides are confronted by the grim reality of modern war: trenches, barbed wire, machine guns, and poison gas. Still, battles must be fought and won at any cost.

This hard plastic box set allows you to build up to 30 German infantry equipped with rifles, MP-18, MG-08/15, grenades, pistols, and hand-to-hand weapons. We have also included enough heads to outfit every figure with Stahlhelm, helmets with gasmask, feldmütze (field cap), or pickelhaube.

Some bodies have been left without rifle ammunition pouches so that you can turn them into officers but there are separate pieces to allow every figure to be a standard rifleman as well. 10 loose grenades per sprue so you can go full-on trench raiding!

These would make a great addition to your WWI Collection and some great conversions for your Bolt Action Germans. Make sure you visit Wargames Atlantic and secure your set of German minis today!

German Infantry (1916-1918): $34.95

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