Desk Wizard Funded And Ready For Preorder!

Desk Wizards KSThe Desk Wizard Rank 10 and 14 have been funded! If you didn’t support it yet don’t worry, you can still hop on the Kickstarter to get one preordered today.

Game Envy is always coming out with really innovative hobby products, and the new Desk Wizard products are no different. They make keeping all your most used paints, brushes, and stands accessible and organized. It just makes painting easier and more efficient.

If you’ve been looking for a way to keep your painting less haphazard, this is the way to go. They come in a bunch of cool colors and have a sleek design, so they look good on the desk while making life easier. Let’s take a closer look at them!

Desk Wizard Rank 10:

Rank 10 Desk Wizard


Desk Wizard Rank 10You can see how well the paints fit in there and they make it way easier to see and use. You can also add on the arena stand to double the space. The rack on the back is also adjustable so you can angle the paints on top any way you want. Whatever you think will make your painting easier, go ahead and do it!

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The DESK WIZARD – Miniature Painting Organizers are a unique way to keep your painting space clean and efficient. Whether you work on the kitchen table or have an entire painting studio, the Desk Wizard R10 + R14 can help your painting experience! 

Rank 14:

Desk Wizard Rank 14


Desk Wizard Rank 14 with rack


Art StandFor those of us who need a little bit more paint on hand. If you’re using more than 28 colors on one mini… Well, keep doing you. It has the same sleek design as the Rank 10 one, just a little bigger. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better solution for easy paint access. they fit almost every brand of paint and the back stand can also be used to hold reference artwork.

So if you don’t need the arena stand you can put whatever inspiration you want up there. If you love these, why not go check out Rob reviewing these bad boys!


Stealth Green


Stealth Purple


Stealth Red


Stealth black with orangeThey come in a wide variety of awesome colors. You can also really see the sleek design and heavy-duty construction here.

The DESK WIZARD is a perfect solution for keeping in-use paints organized, as well as being an expandable solution to keep your whole painting area looking sharp. This is just the beginning! As the DESK WIZARD – Miniature Painting Organization System expands, as is our plan, you will easily be able to integrate them to store all your paints and tools. 

Don’t have a dedicated painting area? The DESK WIZARD is sturdy and easy to pick up and transport, so you can paint anywhere you like. This also makes it a great solution for painting classes. Whether you are an instructor or a student, keeping your required paints and tools at the ready is a must!

That does it for these awesome paint racks. Now get up and go support this great Kickstarter and get yourself a game-changing product!

Desk Wizard Kickstarter

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