Dungeons & Lasers’ Dragons Kickstarter Is Coming!

Draculus the Cunning Feature Dungeons & Lasers’ first Kickstarter was a crazy success, and they aree following it up very soon with one focuses on insane Dragon minis!

Their first Kickstarter was a massive success, to say the least!  They are launching this new one at the end of August and we are super excited! The dragons they have released so far are just incredible. Whether you play D&D or just need some impressive minis, this is worth taking a look at.

The hype is really starting to build around the campaign and they have already come up with some stretch goals. Dragons aren’t the only thing included in the new Kickstarter either. They are coming out with new terrain and a bunch of accessories as well. Let’s jump into these impressive models!

Dungeons & Lasers: Marduk the Tyrant

Dungeons and Lasers DragonMore heads mean more mouths to eat you with! If you encounter this monstrosity in the Dungeon, you better come prepared. This is just one of the seven dragons coming into the project. If you want to see the first project, go check it out here.

Xeno Dragon

XenoDragonThey didn’t want to leave out all of us sci-fi lovers! This massive dragon roams the dark recesses of space, infiltrating warm ships in search of its next meal.

XenoDragon Size ComparisonThese are gigantic! Each one is around 7″ tall and chock full of detail, even if you don’t use these in a game, they make the perfect centerpiece for your collection.

Xeno Dragon Close UpA little dragon for a tongue, all the better to eat you with. This could make for some awesome Tyranid conversions as well, we can’t wait to see what people come up with!

Draculus The Cunning

Draculus the CunningThe smartest of all the dragons is possibly the most dangerous. If you meet him, you’re chances of survival go to basically zero.

Wild Knights

Wild KnightsAll your favorites are coming back for round two! Including Robin the Goblin, Mimics, and Snark the Spark Dragon. If you missed out on round one, don’t miss it this time.

This is just the first look, we can’t wait till we get to see everything all together! Don’t sleep on this and go sign up for the go-live date right now!

Dungeons & Lasers Kickstarter

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