Dungeons & Lasers II Kickstarter Is Live!

Dungeons and lasers IIDungeons & Lasers II Kickstarter is now live with 12 new themes of affordable and easy to build terrain, insane dragons, and a free mini!

If you’ve been looking to pick up some incredible and affordable terrain, look no further than this new Kickstarter. They have 12 themes of terrain, so no matter what you play (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, RPG, D&D, etc…) they have something for you, and all the terrain just snaps together in seconds.

If you just love big dragons, they also have you covered! They are coming out with five amazing looking dragons that are just massive. There’s even a sci-fi dragon in there, just something for everyone!

In just a few hours they have already been funded and are hitting stretch goals! Not to mention that if you back it in the first 48 hours you get a free mini to boot! But enough of this, let’s take a look at the project.

Dungeons & Lasers II Kickstarter – Terrain:


Dungeons and Lasers Terrain 2

Dungeons and Lasers Terrain

You can see right away just how awesome the terrain is! It’s very detailed, easy to build, customizable, and perfectly sized. This is just the one set as well, below we’ll get into the specific sets. Because when you back them, you get to choose what style of terrain best fits your games. If you want to see this stuff in action, watch Rob’s unboxing of it here.

Fantasy Core Set:

Fantasy Core Set

Fantasy Core Set 2Perfect for any role-playing game, Fantasy style, or AOS. 99 parts, not too shabby! This allows you to build an entire fantasy board that can be changed around with ease so every game has a different feel. All that in one kit.

Sci-Fi Core Set:

Sci-fi Core Set

Sci-fi Core Set 2They haven’t forgotten about us sci-fi gamers! This great looking set is perfect for any skirmish game like kill-team, Necromunda, etc… Again, totally customizable.

Dwarven Mine:

Dwarven Mine


Dwarven Mine 2Take your battles to the deep depths of a Dwarven mine. Who knows what evil lurks that deep in the bowels of the Earth!

Cursed Cathedral:


Cursed Cathedral 2Will you be the one defiling the cathedral or the one returning it to its former glory? Be careful of the magic that waits for you in these halls!

Xenogenesis Cell:

Xeno Set


Xeno Set 2We smell heresy here! This frightening Xenos cell is the perfect backdrop for so many campaigns. We feel sorry for any human who has to step foot in this place!

The Dragons!

Dungeons & Lasers: Marduk the Tyrant

Dungeons and Lasers DragonMore heads mean more mouths to eat you with! If you encounter this monstrosity in the Dungeon, you better come prepared. This is just one of the five dragons coming into the project. If you want to see the first project, go check it out here.

Xeno Dragon

XenoDragonThey didn’t want to leave out all of us sci-fi lovers! This massive dragon roams the dark recesses of space, infiltrating warm ships in search of its next meal.

XenoDragon Size ComparisonThese are gigantic! Each one is around 7″ tall and chock full of detail, even if you don’t use these in a game, they make the perfect centerpiece for your collection.

Xeno Dragon Close UpA little dragon for a tongue, all the better to eat you with. This could make for some awesome Tyranid conversions as well, we can’t wait to see what people come up with!

Draculus The Cunning

Draculus the CunningThe smartest of all the dragons is possibly the most dangerous. If you meet him, you’re chances of survival go to basically zero.

Stretch Goals and Free Mini:


Current Stretch goals

Free miniGet over there and back them right now! You get a free mini in the first 48 hours and they have already hit a ton of stretch goals.

That does it for this massive Kickstarter. If you’ve been looking for terrain or Dragons, you have to check them out! Now stop reading this and go back it!

Dungeons & Lasers II Kickstarter

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