For The Honor of Ultramar: Honor Guard Lore

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ultramarines legionIf you asked some, they may say the Ultramarines are a little too honorable, if that’s that case, the Honor Guard takes it to a whole new level!

With the Indomitus box coming out, we wanted to learn more about the heroes of the Ultramarines. Every single one of these guys is a champion of a thousand campaigns and have unshakable faith in the Emperor. Get out your cookies and lets munch on some lore.

The Chosen Ones

Many Ultramarines dream of joining the ranks of the illustrious Honor Guard, but few ever make it. Even to be considered you have to be a veteran of countless campaigns and have gone above and beyond. G-man himself has heard of them long before they are entrusted with the honor (oh the puns…). Each Honor Guard has faced every horror the Universe has to offer.  It is a rare sight indeed to behold the ascension of a new Honor Guard. Once the oaths are taken, they bear the entirety of the legion on their backs.

Ultramarines Ancient 8th

Carrying The Banner of The Ultramarines

The greatest honor given to them is the sacred duty of carrying the Ultramarines banner into battle. When the banner flies high above the battlefield all Marines are bolstered by its presence. There is no worse shame than letting the banner fall to enemy hands in battle. The Honor Guard fight tooth and nail to protect it. They would rather die holding the banner aloft instead of dropping it.

Luckily for them, they have the best armor and weapons in all of the Imperium. Each piece they are equipped with is a relic in its own right, harkening back to the days of the Great Crusade. On the battlefield, they are more than just fearsome warriors. A single word from them has been known to change the tide of an entire battle or campaign. Even Chapter Masters listen intently to their wisdom.

Deathwatch Ties

When the mood strikes them, or the Deathwatch need them, certain Honor Guard will take the oath to join the Deathwatch. This is a momentous occasion for all of the Ultramarines. It means that their chapter will be represented among the heroes of the Imperium across the Universe. The oath is not taken lightly, because they are not only representing themselves but the entirety of the chapter.

The two chapters have fought aside each other in countless campaigns and have developed an unbreakable bond through the fighting. If they call, the Ultramarines come running to help their beleaguered brothers. But when they cannot send a full strike force, they will send an Honor Guard to change the tide of battle. The Deathwatch is known for hunting out the ancient enemies of the Emperor and the Ultramarines are more than happy to help.

We’ll see what happens in the future with Robute being back in charge. But one thing is for sure, the Honor Guard is nothing to mess with! Are you going to add them to your new 9th edition army? Or leave them on the shelf?

Ultramarines Shoulder Pad

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