GW Previews Guardian Drone Rules for 9th Edition 40k

blackstone fortress guardian dronesGW just previewed new 40k rules for those big ol’ chunky Guardian Drones are coming inside the last Blackstone Fortress expansion, Ascension.

Warhammer Community gave us a rules teaser for the Guardian Drones in 9th Edition 40k. Mobs of Blackstone Fortress’s past have been added into the game (like the Ambull and Zoat) although it seems like no one ever plays them…  So let’s see how these guys faired.

BSF edge

Oh, by the way, all of this is going to sell for $110

GW Previews Guardian Drone Rules for 9th Edition 40k

BSF Gaurdian droneFirst off, we should know that these Guardian Drones are unaligned, which means that any faction can technically take these guys.

Guardian Drones have the Unaligned keyword, which means you can add them to any Warhammer 40,000 army. But precisely what are we adding?

guardian drone stats 1For what they are, they’re a little slow. At T6 and 7 Wounds, they’re basically going to be a slow, squishier Dreadnought on the table. I.e not hard to take down.

guardian drone stats 2They do get a pretty cool weapon profile called a Destroyer Pulse but it’s only one shot which is a little risky.  They can also chew through power armor decently well with a D6 shot -3 AP weapon. However, it looks like it doesn’t have the Blast keyword which makes their shot output even more sketchy.



guardian drone stats 5Remember these guys out of the base Blackstone Fortress game? Well, these Guardian Drones also have the Drone Commander rule which helps them hit harder.

guardian drone stats 3

guardian drone stats 4As a force multiplier effect, Drone Commander will turn their dinky pistol-profiled Drone Pulse into a S6 -3 AP 4 dmg shot. If you bring enough of those little guys, they can actually do a surprising amount of damage.

All in all, definitely some cool mechanics and weapons are going to be found on these guys. Maybe even some of the best stats we’ve seen any mob get from Blackstone Fortress. But at the end of the day, players will probably rather spend their points on units within their main 40k faction that play these guys.

What do you think about these Guardian Drone rules? Is it worth the price of Ascension to pick up two models? 

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