New 9th Edition 40k Rules FAQs & Points Changes!

new warhammer 40k faq wal horGW just updated 9th Edition 40k rules with new FAQs and Points changes as well! Check out some of the biggest takeaways now!

Warhammer Community updated their FAQ page with fixes to books like the GT 2020 Mission Pack, the 2020 Field Manual, and Core Book. There’s been a lot that’s just hit the deck so it’ll take some time to digest it all. Here are some key highlights outside of the power level updates that we covered already.

New 9th Edition 40k Rules FAQs & Points Changes!

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9th edition rules faq 1Some top changes to note is that they put a cap on Smite amounts for each Psyker. Now, each Psyker can only do smite once per Battle Round. ~Sorry Machinegun smite Magnus players. Another big change was that the character targeting rule was streamlined. If you read the rule out of the core book, you probably noticed that it’s super wordy and looks to contradict the written-out rule from the bullet point. But that’s been fixed above.

9th edition rules faq 2Players also can’t cheese their way out of combat with the Desperate Breakout  Stratagem against units that normally prevent falling back. Some prime examples are Skarbarand’s Rage Embodied rule or the Wyches No Escape rule.

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9th edition rules faq 4Finally, Stratagems that gain CP don’t count toward the 1CP/turn cap on the game. For Example, you can gain a CP off of Kurov’s Aquila and also use the Priority Target Neutralized (0CP) Stratagem to gain 1-2 CP for killing an enemy character with an Officio Assassinorum model.

Unit & Wargear Points Updated Across Factions

Dark Eldar hor walThese changes we’re about to look at are all over the place so you’ll have to dial in where your faction sits in the list and see if your units have gotten more expensive points-wise.

taunar updateThe biggest change we’ve seen is a roughly +300 pt increase to the Forge World Ta’unar Supremacy Armor. It’s now sitting at a fat 1040 points BEFORE wargear. Ouch.

40k faq 2Another big change to note is that the Chaos-equivalent of the Castellan got its weapons heavily reduced (now costing 0 and 10 pts respectively.

As we’ve said before, be sure to read up on all the rules tweaks and points changes because a lot has just been updated!

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What do you think about these changes? Did Tau just get screwed with the most heavy-handed points increase we’ve seen in a while? Are Chaos Knights back on the menu?

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