HeresyLab Talon Mecha Kickstarter is Here!

talonmecha heresylab kickstarterHeresy Lab is pumping out so many amazing minis lately, and now the Talon Mecha Kickstarter is here and ready to rampage across the Universe!

Heresy Lab has really been working hard during these crazy isolated months. This Talon Mecha Kickstarter is all about the heaviest of Marines. They have five different variants and they all look amazing!

The Kickstarter just started today so let’s all get over there and start funding this thing. We can’t wait to see what all the stretch goals look like. Let’s take a closer look at what’s in it.

Talon Mecha Kickstarter: Kronos Paladins

Kronos Paladins


Kronos Paladins Heavies


Kronos Paladins CloseThe first among all the Talon Units. These Kronos are sons of Uranus and equipped for any task! When they are unleashed on an enemy, they have almost no chance to make it out alive. If you love Heresy Lab, see what else they have to offer. 

Hermes Paladins

Hermes Paladins


Hermes Paladins CloseThe Hermes Paladins are renowned across the universe as Royal Guards. These are by far the most skilled and sought after of all Paladins. Good luck assassinating anyone they are guarding. You’ll need it!

Helios Guards

Helios Guards


Helios Guards CloseThe mighty sons of Hyperion! One of the most elite combat units ever assembled. They wield their halberds with such grace a Harlequin would be jealous.

Selene Hunters

Selene Hunters


Selene Hunters CloseFierce and merciless hunters known for tracking their prey across eons. Once they get your scent, it’s only a matter of time before they catch you.

Ares Fallen Angels

Ares Fallen

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Ares Fallen Power fistThese Fallen Angels have an insatiable thirst for combat. Do not get on their bad side, or even look at them wrong.  They might be feeling forgiving that day, but don’t count on it!

These are all the base models in the set. They are still working on getting all the extras and add-ons for us. If they are anything like these, we won’t be disappointed. This is a perfect to add some flavor to your terminators. Go check out the Kickstarter to see everything, and stay tuned for more awesomeness! Let’s see if we can’t hit all the stretch goals and get a bunch of cool stuff!

Heresy Lab Talon Mecha Kickstarter

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