Marine Grav Bikes Zoom In From Pop Goes The Monkey

By Travis Pasch | August 17th, 2020 | Categories: 3D Printing, Game & Hobby Products, Warhammer 40k

Grav Bike pop goes the monkeyThe Grav bikes are swooping in from Pop Goes the Monkey! These awesome models will decimate your enemies with speed and firepower.

Don’t let your soldiers walk across the battlefield anymore. Be kind, Let them fly like the wind while they bring your opponents down.

Imagine you mixed marines with stormtroopers, what are you thinking? We bet it would be something a lot like this. The versatility of this model allows you to use it across multiple game systems without issue. And that means, more bang for your buck!

The hobby maniacs at Pop Goes the Monkey are always coming up with awesome stuff! Make sure you go check them out and look around their massive catalog. Now let’s look deep into the souls of these Grav Bikes.

Grav Bikes: $40. 99

Grav Bike

Heres What they have to say about the model:

This awesome Grav-Bike was designed by Wyatt Turk from Jack of Clubs Painting as a Primaris Marine bike alternative.  And then, on each side of the from forks, there is a spot to insert a 3mm wide X 2mm thick magnet at add and swap out the weapon load-outs. (weapon options sold separately) A flight stand mount is provided for the bottom of the bike.


Bikes 3These are designed for the Grav Bike originally but can be used for any vehicle that needs that extra firepower. If you’re playing Primarchs, you might as well get another million shots wherever you can!

Heavy Rapid Fire: $11.99

bikes 4Another viable option for your bikers or any other vehicle that needs some more guns. While they don’t put out quite the firepower of the Gat bolters, they’ll still do some serious damage. For all you bolter lovers, go see what else is out there!

Overhead BikeFly my Pretties Fly! These look awesome from any angle.

These kits are a great way to add instant flavor to your army! Make sure you visit Pop Goes The Monkey and secure your bits kits today!

Grav Bikes: $40. 99

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