Micro Art Studio Celebrates 15 Years With 15% Off

micro art studio saleMicro Art Studio turns 15 this year! To celebrate they are giving discounts on different products throughout the month of August.

Whether you had a good fifteenth birthday or not, Micro Art Studio is looking to make your month a little better. They are rotating a 15% discount across their different products all throughout the month. If you’ve been looking at picking up some stuff from them, now’s the time.

Micro Art Studio 15

They have some awesome pieces and gaming supplies. Whether you want awesome terrain, bases, or minis they have something for everyone. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love discounts? Normally you give the birthday kid gifts, this month we all get something! Let’s take a look at some of what they have to offer.

Micro Art Studio Infinity Terrain

District 5 Apartments


Kokyo Blue


Kokyo RedThey have tons of awesome scenery for Infinity! With the new edition coming out now is the time to get your board looking good. Not only does their terrain look awesome, but they also have tons of prepainted pieces. Don’t spend your precious hobby hours painting terrain, just get it ready to go! If you love MAS, go see what else they have going on.

Historical Scenery

Micro Art Studio Terrain


Micro Art Studio New Terrain


Micro Art Studios New TerrainThey don’t forget about us historical gamers either. They have tons of cool scenery pieces to spice up your historical games and make them feel more realistic to the time period. It’s not very fun to play a historical game with the wrong scenery. Whether you play fantasy games or more recent events, they have you covered.

Base Range

bases Micro Art Studio



wasteland New bases Micro Art Studio

shale bases Micro Art StudioThey have an insane collection of bases to choose from. No matter the game system you play, they have a base for you. Too long has your army walked on the boring ground. Now is the best time to add flavor to your army with some new bases.

This is just a small sample of all the amazing stuff they are giving discounts on. Don’t wait and have to spend more in the future! Help MAS celebrate 15 great years.

Micro Art Studio 15% Off For 15 Years

About the Author: Travis Pasch

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