New Abhuman & Ogres From Victoria Miniatures!

ogre victoria minisIts been a while since we’ve seen anything like this on the tabletop, check out Victoria Miniatures new line of abhumans starting with OGRES!

Victoria Miniatures is giving us tons of awesome human variants to play with on the tabletop. If you’ve been looking to spruce up your Guard army, look no further. Your Guard army will stand above the rest (or below depending on which models you pick) with these crazy minis.

These models make for the perfect Guard stand-in, but you can use them in tons of game systems as well. Let’s hop into the minis!

Abhuman – Grog Ard’Nogg Ogre Veteran: $24.99

OGRE VetLead your Ogryns into battle with this monster! Due to crazy gravity, everyone from this planet is turned into a virtual giant! If you love Victoria Miniatures, go see what else they have going on!

Grog-scale-comparisonThis guy is a straight-up giant! Standing more than double the height of a Guardsmen he will give any enemy a run for their money!

Ogre Mud Crunchers: $59.99

OGRE-SquadWe would not want to cross these Ogres, whether on the battlefield or in a bar! These beautifully sculpted minis make the perfect alternative Ogryn Squad.

Ogre-squad bitsAll the bits you get with these minis. The guns alone are bigger than mortars! Here are the specs on the kit:

3x Ogre Bodies.
3x Ogre Right arms with Guns.
3 Ogre Left Arms.
3x Ogre Heads.
3x 40mm round plastic slotta bases.

Roli Runeseeker, Dwarf Mercenary: $13.99

Abhuman RoliThere is an endless treasure in the future, and Roli is going to find it! This Dwarf Mercenary is perfect to add some flavor to your army.

Roli Runeseeker Epic Scale, Dwarf Mercenary: $24.99

Roli-Epic-largeIf you want a little extra size for Roli, this is the way to go. This makes for the perfect centerpiece for your army and the shelf.

Broolian Beast Guard Squad: $25.99

Beastmen-5-man-squadThe Guard utilizes the best tool they have available for the job. These Beastmen are extremely vicious and make mincemeat of their enemies.

Broolian Beast GuardThey are hardened veterans of many battles and strike fear into the hearts of the Imperium’s enemies.

beastmen GuardThese are some of our favorite Guard alternatives! They really make a statement on the tabletop.

Beastmen ComponentsHere’s a look at everything you get with the set:

This kit includes:
5x Beastman Heads
Five Armored Beastman Male Legs Standing
5x Trenchraider Torsos
5x Bread bags
5 Bush Knives in Sheathes
5x Male Bare Universal Rifle Arms
5x AK Auto Rifles
10x 25mm round plastic slotta bases.
5x Rifles of your choice.

That does it for the Abhum releases! Don’t sleep on these awesome variants and add some flavor to your army!

Abhuman Reinforcements

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