New Army Painter Color Guides For D&D Are Here!

Army Painter FeatureIf you’ve been struggling with painting up your D&D minis, look no further than these new Army Painter Guides to get your campaign going!

The Army Painter has some of the best hobby supplies in the market for always affordable prices. They have been helping us all out even more lately with a bunch of free painting guides. This month they are focusing on D&D.

Sometimes one of the hardest parts about painting minis is choosing the right colors and brushes. They take all the groundwork out of it. Not only do the guides have great step-by-step instructions, they lay out everything you need!

Let’s look at some of the new guides they are offering.

New Army Painter Guides For D&D – Minsc & Boo:

Painting Guide D&D


D&D Tutorial


Painting Breakdown


Products UsedThis is just a small sample of what the guide has to offer. But you can see just how in-depth and easy they are to use. It even goes a step further than showing you what paints to use, they even break down where you can get all the paints. And if you just need a quick reference for colors they have a breakdown sheet to show you what they used on each part of the model. If you love The Army Painter, why not see what else they have going on.


Eye Terror


Eye Terror Tutorial


Eye Terror Tutorial 2Been having trouble painting purple? Here you go! This model really makes D&D games way more fun and now you can paint it up to really strike fear into your players. This guide really breaks down washing and making the eyes look real.  You can also get this mini in one of their paint sets made for D&D. So if you’ve been looking to get some new paints, might as well get an Eye Tyrant with it!

Owlbear – Snow Variant:


Owl Bear Tutorial




Owlbear Tutorial


Owlbear Tutorial 2The guides even show you how to set up your station and keep the right paints on hand. They even mention the ever-useful napkin! For the Owlbears they have three different guides, so whether you want to go snow-themed, more traditional, and a Fantasy Variant.

This is just a little sample of all the D&D painting guides they have for free. If you’ve been struggling with painting your RPG minis, go check these awesome guides out!

New Army Painter Guides For D&D

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