Countering The New 40k Primaris Meta

primaris space marine wal blade guardSo we’re about to see tons of new Primaris and Necrons for the next few months, here are some ideas on how to counter their new meta.

Looking at the Primaris inside Indomitus, we’re about to see a ton of things like Bikers and Bladeguard Vets hit the board. If you don’t play Primaris or just feel like tailoring your list to counter what’s about to be all over the meta, here are some suggestions.

Countering The New 40k Primaris Meta

Bladeguard Veterans white


Bladeguard Veterans statsSo here’s the thing about the Bladeguard Veterans, the unit overall is very slow. Their main damage-dealer is without a doubt their power sword. The other cool thing is that they have three wounds. Now, despite having a Stormshield, they only have a 2+/4++. With that said, trying to AP them out isn’t the answer. You’ll want a gun that only has to get one unsaved wound through to knock them out. However, there’s no use in paying points for a weapon that’s AP -3 to use on them.

Eradicators white


primaris eradicator datasheetFor the Eradicator Squads, they’re also a slow unit, although their 24″ range on the melta gives them a bit more reach. The trade-off is that they don’t have any kind of invuln Save and have +1 Toughness. They still have three wounds, which puts both the Eradicators and Bladeguard Vets bad spot to get counter picked…So what’s a good counter pick?knights helverinsThe Helverins are an outstanding choice for both of these guys. They have 60″ range guns which will keep them well out of the threat range of the Eradicator’s meltas. Plus, you aren’t paying premium points for AP on their weapons. Their guns are only -1 AP, so there is something to be desired, but it’s definitely better than no AP at all. The biggest draw to these guys is that for each unsaved wound on an Eradicator or Bladeguard is a dead model. Plus, despite the Eradicators being T5, these guys still wound both units on 3’s.

Outriders white


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Outrider Squad StatsNow, the Outriders are in a more difficult spot to counter. Because they have four wounds a pop, if you put a Helverin into the unit, you’ll have to dedicate two unsaved wounds to kill one model and that extra two damage won’t spillover. The best way to deal with these guys is to mass two-damage firepower.

leviathan pattern cannon grav flux bundleA Leviathan with Storm Cannons is going to be a great option. Mainly because Vehicles ignore heavy now. He’ll be hitting on 2’s even after moving and have -3AP on those guns in the first turn. Sure, two unsaved wounds will have to go into one Biker before they die, but forcing them to take a 6+ armor save is brutal.

riptideThe Riptide is another fantastic option. You can take a Mortal Wound to nova charge and get max shots on a squad of bikes and more than likely hose them off the board with a few markerlights added into the mix. The only thing you’ll want to watch out for is that the Bikes are fast at 14″+ auto-advancing 6″. You’ll need some bodies in front of the Riptide to keep melee shenanigans going down. Don’t underestimate what a squad of Blood Angels with chainswords can do to a piece of machinery.

These have just been a few suggestions to consider before your next game with the dude who got his hands on a bunch of Primaris. There are still plenty of other options out there as well so be sure to explore what else your faction has to offer!


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What do you think about the new Primaris units in 40k? Will they just be picked on by multi-damage firepower? 

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