Strip Paint from Miniatures In Minutes: Testors ELO

By Wesley Floyd | October 11th, 2021 | Categories: Hobby Products, How To Tutorial, painting miniatures

strip paint fastTestors ELO  is one of the top miniatures hacks out there to strip paint of models in mere minutes quick and easy. Check out how to use it!

Have your painting skills grown over the years and now you’re beginning to go back over your old models? Or did you make a solid eBay rescue and you want to strip the gobs of paint that were thrown on? No matter what your reason is for stripping a miniature, make sure you do it the right way with Testors ELO.

We’ve got a video right here showing how to apply Testors to your minis. But if you prefer to read, we’ve also got all the details here below.

Strip Paint from Miniatures In Minutes: Testors ELO

testors eloTestors ELO is a paint and decal remover that well, easily lifts off (ELO) paint and decals. The product works shockingly well and is safe for use on metal, resins, and plastics.

To use Testors make sure you glove up! This material is not super corrosive but will make your hands feel funny so gloves are suggested. Make sure you also grab a container to catch the excess liquid. This allows you to reuse the liquid until it’s too gross to continue to use.

Next, grab a toothbrush that you’ve retired from its normal duties. Pour a little ELO into the container, but not enough to immerse the mini as a little of this goes a very long way!

Set your mini in the liquid for a bit and then start brushing. The paint comes off fairly easily, even with loose brushing. Get more liquid on your brush and continue to brush over the miniature until the layers of paint fall away. You can work it as hard or soft as you want, but be careful to keep it off your skin and out of your eyes. While safer than degreaser and other chemicals, it can cause discomfort.

All the glue and green stuff remained but the paint stripped off completely. The small amount of liquid that was used can be reused later by putting it back into the bottle or kept in a sealed container to the side (so you don’t contaminate the rest of the ELO in the bottle if you prefer). The lapse time on stripping this miniature was less than one minute!

It’s super easy and fairly quick. Testors ELO can be found on Amazon or at many local hobby stores.

testors ELO stirpperTestors Easy Lift Off

Was this tutorial helpful to you? Have you used ELO on your models in the past?

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