Top 3 40k Army Lists: Critical Hit 40k Tournament

space marine wal hor tourney3 more army lists in the fresh 9th Edition meta rose to the top at the Critical Hit 40k tournament. Check out what these players brought!

The Critical Hit 40k tournament held a twenty man event over the weekend and now we’ve got a better look at where the army list meta is going. Here are the top three lists that arose to the top of the leaderboards.

critical hit walThanks to Best Coast Pairings we are able to look back at the event as if we were there ourselves.

3rd Place: Eric McCartney- Dark Eldar

dark eldar


critical hit dark eldar 2So this is a list that was geared around fast reactivity and board control. Drazhar and an Archon hit the board with some Warriors and Mandrakes in a Kabal of the Black Heart Patrol Detachment giving just about every infantry dude in the detachment their own transport. To take the heat off the transports as they were moving up the board a Razrowing Jetfighter was also taken to lay down some heat on forward units.

critical hit dark eldarTwo more Patrols were taken with random spatterings of light Infantry dudes and a few Incubi to back up Drazhar. However, one key element to this army was the Yncarne. It should have been able to pop up and absolutely wreck just about anything in melee as long as he got to swing first all while the rest of the Dark Eldar had an incredible board presence. This army probably swung heavy on objective/board presence secondaries over sheer killing.

2nd Place: Jordan Hovey- Harlequins

harlequin wal hor large


hovey harlies 1


hovey harlies 2This list is a pretty straight forward Harlequin army. Troupes were spammed with fusion pistols (which are basically meltas) and loaded into Starweavers. A Death Jester would wreck screens and low-morale units while the Solitaire acted like a one-man battle plan with Blitz turning him into a crazed killer for a turn.

Lastly, two chunky units of Skyweavers with haywire cannons went tank hunting and mortal wounded them off the board. Great job checking all the boxes!

1st Place: Patrick Rousseau- Blood Angels

Blood angels dante


patrick blood angels 1This is one of the more unique Blood Angels lists we’ve seen and the first time we’ve seen them make 1st place! Astorath, Mephy, and a Libby Dread formed a Battalion and led a mix of Intercessors, Infiltrators, and Scout Squads. This mix of unit types just help cover different objectives scattered across the board.

patrick blood angels 2A Contemptor with a missile launcher/lascannon combo hit the deck with a close combat weapon also given to ensure he could hold his own in combat.  Next, a Sanguinary Ancient and Sanguinary Guard squad all decked out with power fists rocked onto the board and were supported by Astorath doing his Mass of Doom buffs. Mephiston also took Unleash Rage which made those Sanguinary Guard a prime target for +1 Attack.

Finally, an Eradicator squad was taken maybe because it’s what all the cool kids are doing these days and Intercessors with thunder hammers were loaded into Impulsors for some reactive melee slappage. Overall, this was a great unique Blood Angel list that seemed to stomp everyone else.

What do you think about these top three 40k army lists from the Critical Hit GT? Do you play something similar? Where do you think the meta will eventually end up when all the new Space Marine changes roll around? 

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