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By Tim Roberts | August 2nd, 2020 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, Game & Hobby Products, RPG

FaunsIf you need new fantasy minis for your next RPG or fantasy tabletop game, check out these mythical monsters from Wargames Atlantic!

Wargames Atlantic is a great source for affordable multi-part minis that you can add to your tabletop games. Let’s take a look at some of their fantasy monsters.

Fantasy Minis – Centaurs: $34.95

CentaursThey are the horsemen, the elusive wonders of the forest. They bring thunder to the ground and beaten paths from their hooves. In return for wine, they muster the blades of their kin and revel in their drunken stupor.

Box set includes enough for 12 centaurs (a total of 4 poses using interchangeable right halves on each frame) and an optional 6 fauns (3 male and 3 female).†In addition, this set includes traditional male centaur heads and alternative horned head options for male and female centaurs.

Weapon options include single close combat weapons, dual-wielding axes and hook swords, as well as two-handed polearms (options for various weapons heads), shields, javelins, and spears.

Armor options include shoulder pads, heavy plate armor, leather cuirass, bare skin, Thracian, wicker, and bark style shields.

Note: There are 6 Centaur sprues, 1 female Faun sprue, and 1 male Faun sprue in each box so that you can mix arms, torsos, and heads and add more variety.

Product Code: WAARG002

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included.

Sculpting: Tim Barry and Jason Burns

Figure Painting: Andy Zeck

If you love Wargames Atlantic, why not go see what else they have to offer?

Fauns: $34.95Fauns

They are the fauns: a mix of beast and man. Ever protective of their woodlands, these tribesmen bring the battle to the humans with blade, bow, and axe.

This hard plastic set includes enough to build 24 multi-piece fauns and 2 centaurs! Altogether there are 12 females and 12 males, and an optional 2 centaurs.

x8 bows
x8 quivers
x16 shields (mix of wicker, bark shield, and thracian styles)
x16 2h weapons
x32 spears in various bracing, overhand and at rest positions
x24 hand weapons
x8 Musical Horns
x8 javelin racks
x24 shoulder pads
x48 heads †

+bonus frame
Centaurs x2
Non-horned heads
Heavy armor
Dual-wielding axes and hook swords
Pole weapon

9 total sprues in the box

Product Code: WAARG001

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included.

Sculpting: Tim Barry and Jason Burns

Figure Painting: Andy Zeck

Skeleton Infantry: $34.95

Skeleton InfantryThey are the shades of the men of Sparta, Athens, Thebes, and Macedon. When a Necromancer plunders the coins meant for Charon, she can reanimate their remains and bind them to her will. Only by removing the skull from the body, or destroying the coins, may the warriors break their curse and return to the grave.

This hard plastic box set allows you to build up to 32 Skeleton Warriors equipped with bow, spear, sword, or pike and with options for full command.

Builds include up to 8 bowmen, 8 pikemen, 8 swordmen, 24 spearmen, or many combinations.

Our Skeleton Warriors box set is compatible with the forthcoming Mythic – the fantasy version of Mortal Gods!

Sculpting: Tim Barry

Illustration: Peter Dennis

Figure Painting: Matthew Leahy and Andy Zeck

Product Code: WAACF001

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included.

Bring your Monster Manual to life! Make sure you visit Wargames Atlantic and secure your fantasy miniatures today!

Centaurs: $34.95

Fauns: $34.95

Skeleton Infantry: $34.95

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