3 More GW Licensed Video Games On the Way Soon!

stormcast walIf you’ve found video games to be a great time-passer during the crisis, you can also look forward to three more GW Licensed ones soon!

Warhammer Community announced some early details on three video games that are on the way. They’ve got something in store for Necromunda, Blood Bowl, and Age of Sigmar. Now let’s get into the meat and potatoes.

3 More GW Licensed Video Games On the Way Soon!

necromunda trailer 3Let’s start off with Necromunda first. We’ve covered this game in great detail in the past. If you’re wanting to play as either Goliaths, Orlocks, or Eschers in a classic underhive skirmish game, Necromunda should be on your radar.

Deep below the hive cities of Necromunda, lead, customize and grow your gang in the twisted tunnels of the dystopian Underhive. Face rival gangs in tactical gunfights for power, wealth, survival, and honor.

We’ve been watching this game develop over the last several months and now, we can look forward to September 8th when this game fully releases for PC, Xbox 1, and PS4. Now trailers and teasers can only do so much. If you’re still not convinced, Focus Home Interactive’s YouTube channel posted up an in-depth gameplay video as well.

Blood Bowl 3

Next, we’ve got the official trailer for Blood Bowl 3 and is being developed by Cyanide Games, which is keeping pace with the new edition of the Blood Bowl tabletop game that we’ve been seeing a lot of.

Each team will have its own roster of players with a distinct playing style, its own stadium to play games in, and a themed cheerleader squad to celebrate those all-important touchdowns. 

blood bowl video gameThis trailer is pretty sweet and showcases all sorts of different teams we’ve seen released over the years including the newer ones that are on the way to the tabletop like Black Orcs and Bogenhafen Barons.

At launch, Blood Bowl 3 will include 12 playable teams, including the brand-new Imperial Nobility and Black Orcs!

Keep your eyes set for next year as right now, it’s scheduled to release in the early part of 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and on PC through Steam.

You can currently add the game to your wishlist on Steam.

Age of Sigmar’s Storm Ground

Prepare to conquer the Mortal Realms in the first-ever strategy video game set in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe…In Storm Ground, you’ll command an army drawn from the factions of the Mortal Realms and wage war in this fast-paced turn-based strategy skirmish game where legions will clash, powerful magic will be unleashed and mighty monsters like celestial Stardrakes will dominate the battlefield. 

storm ground 1Play through a non-linear campaign where you battle across the realms. Each victory will allow you to collect new units and upgrade your existing ones, gain devastating skills, and equip your heroes with powerful items.

You can also take your army online and battle other players in epic duels that will test your generalship to the limit.

storm ground 2From what we can see, there’s definitely going to be Stormcast and Nighthaunt involved. Also remember that the games are turn-based so it’ll probably be a smaller, more elite style skirmish-themed. The game is currently being developed by Focus Home Interactive and you can track even more progress on the game at Focus Home’s website!

If you like what you’re seeing so far, you’ll have to wait through this year. The game is scheduled currently to release on PC, Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2021. You can even pre-order it on Steam currently

How do you like the look of these games that are in store for 2020 through 20201? What team will you be trying first in Blood Bowl 3?

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