Make All 3 With One Kit: Mega-Gargant Unboxing & Magnetizing

mega-gargant unboxing sons of behematThis week Rob goes over magnetizing the Mega-Gargant to make all three variants and compares it to a much cheaper Mantic alternative!

This video is a tale of two giants, one for $195 the other for about $40. We wanted to put the new Mega-Gargant to the test and how it stood up against the Kings of War Giant that is a fifth of the price.

Rob goes over how to get all three variants out of one kit, compares it to other Giant models, and tells you the GOTCHAS to be aware of when building it! We are going to show you everything including the sprues, bits, and of course comparisons. That way you can decide if this is worth your hard-earned hobby dollars. Let’s go!

Magnetizing the Mega -Gargant & Alternative Mini Comparisons: Unboxing

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Giants boxesThese are the two minis we will be comparing today. Let’s see how they stack up!

Mega-Gargant Instructions & Sprues

Mega-Gargant instructionsRight off the bat, you can see they show us all the parts that are different for each variant with color-coding. There are going to be a bunch of hollow spaces in here and the instructions look pretty simple. You build the base Gargant first, then start changing paths depending on what variant you want. Because of all the hollow spaces, magnetizing definitely seems possible. Overall, they are very specific on the views for assembling this, which should help with such a giant mini.

Gargant Sprue 2


Sprue 1You get three and a half sprues with this box, and believe it or not, the box itself is bigger than most start collecting boxes. They set the sprues up pretty well for this and all of the parts are face up. Each sprue has parts for each variant on it, so it’s easy to know which sprue you need to be using. Again, like with most of the new kits, all the flash is on the points where things glue together. This means less cleaning work and faster build time. If you have the Tamiya extra thin cement, Rob suggests using that 100%

Kings of War Giant

Kings of War GiantRob picked this guy up off Amazon for only $35. They also have a frost giant, but Rob didn’t pull the trigger on that, and it looks to be about the same size.


Kings of War Giant piecesSome people don’t like this material, but it seems very detailed and easy to build. While there are no instructions it goes together pretty easily. There are a few little gaps, but you can fill it super easily with the Vallejo plastic putty for pretty cheap.

Half Built GiantIt took Rob about ten seconds to get it half-built without any glue, pretty sweet!

Mega-Gargant Build

Gargant half builtIt went together extremely easy to get it to this stage. The shoulders just snap into the top of the belly, making it viable to build it all separately and paint in stages. Also, you could build all three variants from the shoulders up and just pop them onto the top of the torso to change them out.

Magnetizing the Arms

Magnetizing the arms


Magnetizing the arms 2Rob simply popped a 5/16 magnet into the open area of the arm, built a T structure with extra sprues to help it stay supported, and secured it with putty. Don’t make the same mistake Rob made and make sure to center the magnets! To keep the magnet in place, he used the leftover sprue bits and made a little T, and inserted it into the hollow space. This gives it extra strength and won’t let the magnets move around. He also magnetized the different hand option so you can use the same arms and then change out the hands as well.

Needed MagnetsHere is Rob’s little cheat sheet so you know how many of each magnet you need. Magnet Baron also has a magnetization kit you can buy (based off our tutorial which is pretty neat) as well. You can check it out at this link.

PlasticardHe added some plasticard to the shoulders, this prevents the arms from torquing due to the magnets. You can paint this up as cloth or armor and heat it up to model it how you want. Just be careful when heating it. If the shoulder is not glued to the torso, it will shrink! So just be very careful and make sure you don’t get any receding plastic. Rob didn’t do this so he got a little gapping on the front, but you can always just fill it in with more bits or putty.

Completed Giant

Warstomper VariantYou can see the gapping from not gluing it down before heating it, but now you know, so just ignore that. Please don’t make the same mistake! But this is the Warstomper variant and, if the heating incident hadn’t happened, it would all just fit in easily and look great.

Comparing it to the Kings of War Giant

Size Comparison GiantsThe Kings of war Giant does not come with a base, but you could easily grab a round 130mm base for the Kings of War one for very cheap. They are almost identical in size, even the clubs are basically the exact same size. The price differential is crazy considering they are almost the exact same size!

Comparing it to the Giants of Old

Size Comparison Giants maneaterThis is the model from 2005, and the new Mega-Gargant is just so much bigger.

Size Comparison Giants albionThese are the pewter giants of Albion. Obviously, this towers over them.

ize Comparison Giants old giantThe late 90’s pewter giant doesn’t stand a chance!

Size Comparison Giants oldestThis is him next to the old pewter giant from the late 80’s early 90’s. This is the biggest of the old giants and has a ton of character, but the new one is still much more massive!

That does it for this one! Rob really likes the mini but considering the price the Kings of War Giant is basically the same size, looks great, and is just way cheaper.

Get Your Mega Gargant or Mantic Giant At the Links Below:

Mega Gargant

Mantic Giant

Mantic Frost Giant

What do you think about the Mega-Gargant? How do you think the Kings of War Giant compares?

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This post contains affiliate links, as an Amazon Associate Spikey Bits earns from qualifying purchases.

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