Final Hurrah: Forge World Legends 40k Rules Revealed!

Forge World Rules resizedAll the Forge World Legends Rules have arrived, and that means these are the last rules updates we’ll see for about 130 units…

Today, Warhammer Community, put out a post with every remaining Forge World unit getting a data sheet. By the looks of it, about 130 units are hitting Legends’ status. If you haven’t been paying attention, going to Legend is not a good thing, longevity, but at least they are giving us both points and power levels for all the units that we can use.

They said they will still be usable in Narrative and Open play, but not tournaments. However if you play with points (like 95% of us), these units may end up being super under or overpowered because no points changes are coming as the game evolves. Just depends on how your opponent feels about it on whether you can use them or not.

If you’ve been waiting to see how some of your favorite units faired, even though they are fading away, you can download all the rules here! If you’re looking for the rules of units actually in the book, check out our post on it here.

Final Hurrah: Forge World Legends 40k Rules Revealed!

Legends ContentsWelp… That’s a lot of units being moved the dumpster of sorts. While you’ll still be able to play with them, as the edition moves forward, these will never be revisited. Kind of sad as some really amazing units are in there! Especially since some of these were/are available not very long ago. Space Marines, Astra Militarium, and Tau took it really hard. While the entirety of the Renegades and Heretics got removed. Here’s what they have to say about it:

They’re legal for matched play, narrative play, and open play, but as they will no longer be receiving points updates in the future, you won’t be able to use them in most competitive events.

All Good Things Come to an End

chaplain dread

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Chaplain DreadnoughtGoodbye Chaplain Dreadnaught, who at one time was a must-have for tournament players. You’ll be missed… sort of.

Also, people have been really upset by what Death Korps of Krieg units didn’t make the cut. Looks like you’ll just have to field giant units of riders, and normal troopers from now on!

There is a ton in here, so at least we are getting some rules for our favorite units. But once a unit moves to Legends, don’t expect it will be brought back. But who knows? Maybe there is some hope for our favorite minis yet!

Did your favorite Forge World Minis get moved to Legend? What are you the saddest to see go?

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