Basing with 3D Printing is Faster: eBay Miniature Rescues

eBay Rescues Feature 3d printing eBay Miniature Rescues is back again with another video, and this time he shows us how basing with 3d printing makes the hobby easier!

eBay Miniature Rescues is a unique channel that shows you how to take beat up, damaged minis, and restore them to their fullest potential! It’s a relatively new channel on YouTube and it’s super fun to watch what Casey is able to do with some once hopeless miniatures. This week, he shows us how you can base your minis at light speed with a 3D printer!

Basing with 3D Printing is 3x Faster: eBay Miniature Rescues

PhotonMonoIf you remember, not too long ago Casey did a video on how 3D printing can make your hobby better, which you can check out here. Casey was recently sent a new 3D printer, the Photon Mono, by the same company to try out. This thing can print up to 3x faster than his old printer. It’s perfect for printing easier prints in large quantities.

Where He got the Files from

Duncan Shadow LucasThis time he grabbed the bases from the Duncan “Shadow” Project. They have a bunch of cool files on there but he went with the scrap yard bases this time around. He simply loaded the files in and got to printing. It only took about 25 minutes to get the set printed, not bad at all.

Painting the Bases

Bases 1st stageHe starts with a Synylrez Brown Primer and hit the bases all over in a base coat. Then uses Vallejo Orange and randomly hits the bases to give it a rusty look. To bring out the contrast he then hits them with Vallejo Verdin and does tiny highlights on the sides. Just to note, he uses the airbrush for this stage.

Base Stage 2Then he hits them with quick random splotches of Agrax Earthshade and wipes off the excess, just leaving it in the recesses. After that dries, hit the whole base with a light drybrush of Bright Silver. Then hit the recesses with dark brown paint and then a second layer of slightly lighter brown. 

How They Look on the Orks

Orks on BasesFor some of the older models, he had to scrape off some of the old glue and plastic to make them fit. Overall they look amazing on the new bases and it really makes them pop!

Impressions of the Printer

Painted bases 3d PrintingOverall, he really likes the printer but there are a few things he wasn’t 100% on. The resin tray is plastic instead of metal, there is a single axis instead of two, and the hood is one piece. It is far faster but he’s just worried about how long it will last. For the price and what it can do though, he thinks it is an amazing value. Because it went so fast, he even printed off some more random bits and bases, just because he felt like it!

That does it for this one! Overall the printer really speeds up the process and makes doing a rescue far easier!

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