Godzilla Vs. Kong Sets An Interesting Record

By Travis Pasch | April 2nd, 2021 | Categories: News / Rumors, Pop Gamer Culture

Godzilla vs kong feature rThe world is a strange place right now, but who would have expected Godzilla Vs. Kong to set a record like this…

Godzilla Vs. Kong has set the opening day sales record since COVID hit.

While this isn’t the craziest news, considering the numbers it achieved internationally, it bodes well for theatres in the US. According to Movieweb, the movie’s opening and number predictions in the USA are smashing all openings for the past year-plus.

It makes sense this is the type of movie people would want to see in theatres, with big action and great CGI.

It seems the action Blockbuster may still be viable for companies to make. Whereas the more subdued type dramas or comedies will be taking a backseat as people are willing to watch them from home. Still, this is great news if you love going to the actual theatre!

And who wants to watch these two monstrosities battle on a small screen?

Godzilla Vs. Kong Sets An Interesting Record

Godzilla vs KongThe movie opened up on Wednesday to help boost the numbers for the first week and hit $10 million already. Over the weekend those numbers, just in the US, are expected to rise to over $30 million. If it hits the predictions, the movie will be looking like a success.

With the amount of money put into the production of this, it will finally let the production company feel a little less stressed. Plus all this was in a mere 2,400 theaters across the country.

Godzilla vs Kong 2While it’s doing well here, the Chinese market really went out in numbers to support it. Last weekend it grossed over $70 million in just that market alone.

With the opening day numbers coming in at around $160 million internationally. This is the biggest opening by far since COVID really hit. There are a few key factors helping this out right now.

First, the movie is just good! It’s been getting glowing reviews, and for critics to like a big action flick, you know it must be.

Secondly, with the world starting to loosen restrictions, people are more willing to go to the movies. Overall, this is a good sign for the movie/theatre industry surviving the Pandemic.

 Have you seen the movie yet? are you happy to see it doing so well? 

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