Painting Cityfight Kill Team Bases & Urban Terrain: Tutorial

Painting-tutorial-kill-team-basesIn this 2 minute tutorial, Rob breaks down painting Cityfight Kill Team bases and urban terrain, if you need a quick fix, this is perfect!

Normally Rob does longer tutorials, but sometimes things are easy enough to be done fast! Painting bases and terrain like this is super easy and will give you great results. Getting your bases ready for your models really brings your scheme together. Knowing the proper steps to make your bases look their best requires a little bit of work, but not that much. We will break down these steps to get your bases’ tabletop ready in no time at all.

Editor’s Note: Inspired by the Hellfire Painting Article  using Cyberpunk base by Elriks.

Painting Cityfight Kill Team Bases & Urban Terrain: Tutorial

painting cityfight bases 2This is the base we’ll be painting up today. Obviously, step one is making sure what you’re putting on the base actually fits! Step two is priming the base black. This is a short tutorial so we’ll be moving quickly. To finish the initial stage, Rob takes the Army Painter Uniform Grey primer and spritzes it over the black primer. Don’t go too crazy here because this is just supposed to be a splash of color, we’ll make it more dynamic over the next few stages.

Airbrushing the Browns

painting cityfight bases 3Start with Citadel Rhinox Hide, load it in your airbrush, and start spritzing across random areas of your base. Just hit where you think looks good and give it a good accent. Next, load Skrag Brown into the airbrush and spritz some new accent areas, but be sure to overlay some of the browns from before, almost as a highlight. 

Dry Brushing

painting cityfight bases 4For this start with Celestra Grey and load it onto a big brush. This is a liberal drybrush, so don’t be too worried. This goes over everything and blends it all together. Once that’s done, break out the Ulthuan Grey and do a more strategic dry brush. Where the last color was everything this is the tops of certain areas, over the browns and basically, anywhere you think it looks good, just not nearly as much as the previous stage.

The Final Step

painting cityfight bases 5The last thing to finish off your bases is a Vallejo Black Surface Primer. With this, you just go around the edges to clean up the side of the base, just be careful to not go over the lip and ruin what you’ve just done. Boom, just like that you have some cool-looking bases that literally only take a couple of minutes!

Do you like this quick way to get through your bases? Have you used this method? 

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