Avatars of War: New Black & Savage Orc Warlords

By Felix Paniagua | January 17th, 2022 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, Game & Hobby Products, News / Rumors

black orc warlord rThe new Avatars of War Black and Savage Orc Warlord models are quite stunning and will add a ton of muscle to your forces!

Two new resin miniatures have just been released for AoW and they are both pretty wild. Both the Orcs look like monsters you would not want to mess with on the battlefield, but the good thing is they can be on your side.

The detail on these models is quite insane and they really outdid themselves on these! With so much detail and for a price that is nice, these are hard to pass up on. Whether you want to use them as alternatives or for the game, they work perfectly for both. Let’s check out the new models!


An imposing Black Orc Warlord that will no doubt leave your gaming mates in awe when deployed on the battlefield. As we said, the detail is just crazy on this, just look at the armor! If you love all about AoW, check out what else they have been up to here!

Here’s all about the new model:

Black Orcs are the largest, fierce, and strongest of the Orc warriors.  These Orcs prefer to wage war in heavy armor and wield large two-handed weapons.


And no less welcome will be the new Savage Orc Warlord, ready to “style your enemy’s hair (if still has some)” 🙂 with that huge mace! From any angle, this mini is imposing and just looks so fun and orcy! Plus like we said, just look at that mace, it won’t be doing any favors for the enemy!

Here’s all about the new model:

Savage Orcs are the craziest of the Orc warriors, and don’t care for protection or armor when waging war. Only frenzy and fury matter!

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