Hardcore Miniatures Rogue Trader Characters: Unboxing & Build

rogue trader characters rShiny- The new Hardcore Miniatures Rogue Trader Characters are super cool and make the perfect 40k alternatives!!

Today Rob takes a look at the new models from Hardcore Miniatures and a round-up of everything the kits come with. If you’ve been looking for some awesome alternative minis, you have to check out what they have to offer! Or, if you just love Firefly, then you might have to grab these! 

We are going to show you everything that the set comes with, how long they take to build, and some size comparisons. That way you can decide if these are worth your hard-earned hobby dollars. 

Hardcore Miniatures Rogue Trader Characters: Unboxing

rogue trader characters 2It’s always cool to see smaller companies growing and branching out. Especially with the way certain companies are pricing their minis lately. Hardcore Miniatures has really stepped up their game and greatly expanded their line. We’re going to talk about the Rogue Trader Crew, but they have so much more on there! 

Just to note, when you’re looking for new releases, when they put things on pre-order, they always put them on sale so that is a good time to pick them up.

rogue trader characters 3For models, this awesome and handcrafted, the price really is great (the minis we’re looking at today are around $15), and compared to something like GW, they are way cheaper and have tons of options in every kit. They have so many parts, that all you need is another torso and you can make a bunch. 

The Bits!

rogue trader characters 4The bits come wrapped in little baggies and we’ve never had issues with anything really breaking. Sometimes they come off, but we’ve never had any damage. There are usually a few weapons and head variants with them and are all just super high quality.

rogue trader characters 5


rogue trader characters 6The detail is always so crisp and just so well done. 

Built Minis

rogue trader characters 7Just to show you how many options these all have, look how this could be built up! Perfect for Necromunda or a bunch of different 40k factions.

rogue trader characters 8The detail is so great and even on something with this many small bits, it feels really sturdy.

rogue trader characters 9


rogue trader characters 10


rogue trader characters 11They all also come with a ton of head options, so if you really want inspired characters or not, you can. They can all just be used for so many alternatives because of all the options they give you.

So Many Options

rogue trader characters 12As we said, each model just comes with so many options and you can really make them into a ton of different Grimdark-styled minis. This is a perfect example of “Inspired by”. They don’t do 1-to-1 copies, but take something we love and make it Grimdark!

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Have you picked up anything from them yet? What is your favorite mini out of the group? 

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