New Dropzone Commander Battlegroup Sets!

By Travis Pasch | January 29th, 2022 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, News / Rumors

Dropzone Commander feature rThere are a ton of new Dropzone Commander Battlegroup Sets on pre-order right now- check out all the new stuff you can score!

If you’ve never played before, the game is set in 10mm so you can really make your games have a crazy epic feel. If you have been playing, it’s always awesome when new minis come out especially boxes like these, as they usually save you some cash.

Plus, these are already priced nice, so that is always something we love to see. Let’s check out all the new sets!


Dropzone CommanderJust to note, these are going off of pre-order on January 28th, so you should be good to just pick up the orders you want soon as well!

Dropzone Commander 2

  •  This box is ideal for a new player – if you have a Starter Army, expand your force with this box.
  • 2 Patton AFVs make up the core of this Battlegroup, armed for anti-light or anti-heavy vehicle fire. A Napoleon Heavy Tank makes short work of infantry, vehicles, or scenery alike with its Banisher Rotary Cannons. 2 Zhukov AA Tanks provide deadly anti-air firepower, and the set includes 2 Lifthawk Dropships to provide some transport.
  • Contains 7 resin miniatures and 2 clear acrylic flight stands.


Dropzone Commander 3


Dropzone Commander 4

  • 3 Atlatl Gravtanks can teleport friends and foe alike around the board, or build them as Arrowhead Gravtanks for extreme anti-air activity, albeit at limited range. A Puma Sonic Warstrider provides heavy firepower, and the Alligator helps your Gravtanks move faster. An Eden Gate teleports your vehicles into battle with speed.
  • Contains 6 resin miniatures and 1 clear acrylic flight stand.


Dropzone Commander 5


Dropzone Commander 6

  • 4 Spectre Skimtanks make up the bulk of this force, armed with long-ranged Plasma Lances or Photon Blasters, which can shoot through walls! They arrive in a Harbinger
    Troopship. A Savager Laser Barge provides heavy, floating firepower, supported by 2 Corsair Interceptors, perfect for shooting down opposing aircraft.
  • Contains 8 resin miniatures and 4 clear acrylic flight stands.

That does it for this one, now go get some awesome new minis!

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