Pack & Roll Foldable Tournament Cart For Miniatures: Review

This Pack and Roll Foldable Tournament Cart is great for moving your miniatures around, check out Rob’s thoughts on it!

Transporting your miniatures can be as challenging as leading your own Black Crusade against the Imperium. But with a few simple products like this cart, you can win the ‘transporting your miniatures’ phase of your games. A lightweight and durable option for transport itself is ideal, and we have just the thing for you hobby maniacs out there!

If you want to pick up your own cart for moving and transporting your miniatures around, you can here. Before you do though, let’s see Rob’s thoughts on it!

Pack & Roll Foldable Tournament Cart For Moving Miniatures: Review

The Pack and Roll Cart is a very lightweight and portable transport option for your miniatures. Made by Olympia Tools, this cart is well made and requires no assembly. A simple folding mechanism allows it to be folded up for storage and open up with ease.

The wheels have multiple locking mechanisms that work pretty well, but still, don’t lean on it or put a ton of force on it. No need to risk your minis.

pack and roll tableIt folds out in seconds, so when you’re ready to use it, all you have to do is push it down like this and push the metal bar to hold it.


pack and roll table 2The measurements for the Pack and Roll Cart are 34 inches tall and 15 inches wide. Then it breaks down quite thin, so you could easily store it in your hotel room or wherever. It comes with 3 shelves that can hold a surprising amount of miniatures. The four sturdy wheels on the bottom are easy to roll and even have a brake mechanism to securely hold it in place.

You can see just how much you can fit on here! It easily holds a full army. Again, storing the Pack and Roll in your vehicle is super easy and can help you get your tabletop army into your local gaming store with ease.

Transporting your army can be a challenge, but not while you have the Pack and Roll Cart in your hobby toolkit!

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What do you use to cart around your miniatures? 

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