Tau Warhammer 40k Combat Patrol Box: What is it Worth?

combat-patrol-tau-box-warhammer-40k-waht-is-it-worthThe Tau Warhammer 40k Combat Patrol contains a decent number of miniatures, but what kind of value is inside the box?

Remember these are mostly designed for new players to the factions just like the current Start Collecting Sets that GW introduced back in 2016. They are being marketed as a quick way to get a small force on the table and play some small games right away. Most times the starter-style kits are a pretty good value, so even if you have some Tau already, this could be a decent value.

This box looks like it may be coming out at the same time as the codex, so you might want to read the book first to make sure you want the units inside! Let’s check out the value.

Tau Combat Patrol: What is it Worth?

Tau Combat Patrol

The core of the new box (as with all T’au Empire armies) is a Fire Warriors Strike Team – ten troops to lay down withering storms of pulse fire while they claim objectives. Leading them into battle is a Cadre Fireblade, an expert commander with years of battlefield experience. For those occasions where you need a little sneakiness, the Combat Patrol box features three Stealth Battlesuits, and for when you just need raw firepower, there’s a Ghostkeel Battlesuit. Finally, you also get an Ethereal to provide some spiritual guidance to the army and scoot around dramatically on their hover drone.

Tau Combat Patrol 2Just to note, we’re going to assume the new Tau Combat Patrol is a $140 price point as everyone else has been the same price so far. Let’s check out the value

  • Fire Warriors: $50
  • Fireblade: $29
  • Stealth Battlesuits: $34
  • Ghostkeel Battlesuit: $80
  • Ethereal: $30 (the Ethereal pictured is the one from the current Start Collecting box, so this is priced a little higher)

Total MSRP: $223

Total Value: $83

This doesn’t have the highest value we’ve seen, but pretty close to a lot of the boxes and still decent for the price. If you need the models inside then it does save you a decent amount of cash and will get you a lot of minis for fairly cheap.

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Will you be picking this Tau Combat Patrol up- do you like the value inside?

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