Top Homebrew 40k Army List: Fort Palooza GT

40k-homebrew-army-listsAnother off-meta Warhammer 9th Edition 40k army list emerged in the Fort Palooza GT, check this one out!

9th Edition’s meta is again in flux, but some players are taking lists with units that nobody was expecting. Check out this awesome homebrew list that emerged in a tournament over the weekend. This just goes to show us that sometimes it’s more about the general’s skill than what you play.

Top Homebrew 40k Army List: Fort Palooza GT

Thanks to Best Coast Pairings we are able to look back at the event as if we were there ourselves.

If you wanted to see the names and factions of the overall winners, we’ve included that below.

Fort Palooza GT top 8

However, we aren’t covering all those lists, instead, we will be looking at just one of our favorites this week.

8th Place: Jordan Rakow – T’au Empire

tau-walpaper-crisis long


Jordan Rakow 1Jordan did pretty well with his battalion of pre-update Tau, which will be getting their book and this list might be completely different next time he plays!

It is led by Commander Farsight and a Coldstar Commander. Farsight is one of very few actually decent melee-centered Tau models, making him a great surprise attack if your opponent isnt paying attention. Meanwhile, the Coldstar has fantastic mobility and with its rocket pods is pretty decent at wiping out marines.

Troops keep it simple with a total of 20 Breacher Firwarriors and 5 normal fire warriors, along with a few drones sprinkled in to round out points. When you take into account Farsight’s desire to be close and personal, Breacher teams make for an easy choice as they get stronger in close quarters thanks to their blasters.

Jordan Rakow 2

Elites come in with a few different selections starting with a Riptide, which for the longest time was the best Tau unit in terms of points-to-firepower. It will be interesting if that stays true after the update. Second, there are 5 stealth suits, which thanks to their burst cannons are great at taking out chaff.

The final Elite squad is 7 Crisis Bodyguards, which are great thanks to their rocket pods and ability to protect character models like the Commander or Farsight.

Jordan Rakow 3Fast Attacks bring in a Pathfinder team for some extra shots and markerlights, plus 4 Vespid Stingwings for some very cheap mobility models that might be able to sneak a faraway objective.

Flyers bring in 2 Stealth Drones which help by adding a few extra shots and some more marker lights jsut in case.

Finally, closing out the list are 2 Devilfish, which can transport some of the troops up broad allowing them to get into their favored range without being taken out early on in the game.

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What do you think about this homebrew 40k army list from last weekend that caught our eye?

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