Top Warhammer 40k Army Lists: XPZ Last Chancer GT

Top-3-army-lists-40k-wal-horThe XPZ Last Chancer GT happened over the weekend with some pretty sweet 40k army lists taking the top spots!

The tournament is over and now we’re able to look at which lists managed to secure a place at the top! Check out what these winners brought in their armies.

Top Warhammer 40k Army Lists: XPZ Last Chancer GT

Thanks to Best Coast Pairings we are able to look back at the event as if we were there ourselves. 

If you wanted to see the names and factions of the overall winners, we’ve included that below.

XPZ Last Chancer GT top 8

3rd Place: Joel Wilson – Dark Angels

dark angel space marine wal


Joel Wilson 1


Joel Wilson 2

2nd Place: Matthew Green – Grey Knights



Matthew Green 1


Matthew Green 2


Matthew Green 3

1st Place: Junior Aflleje – Drukhari

archon dark eldar wal hor


Junior Aflleje 1Junior went for a triple detachment list with the first being a patrol led by Succubi. These leaders provide wound re-rolls to nearby Wych Cult CORE models, making them a great cheap option for a boost in combat efficiency.

Troops add a single unit of Wyches to help grab objectives and of course benefit from the HQ re-rolls. Elites bing in 5 Incubi, which are more melee units that arent wych cult, but do have a boost in melee stats that still make them very good.

Junior Aflleje 2Closing the first detachment is 5 Hellions, which are pretty decent mobile ranged options that can also benefit from the HQ re-rolls.

The second Detachment is led by a Haemonculus, which has both a heal and Toughness boost for nearby Haemonculus Coven units.

Speaking of which 5 Wracks serve as versatile options that can be boosted by the HQ thanks to being Haemonculus Coven.  Elites bring in a total of 8 Grotesques, which are great melee units and of course once again are powered up thanks to the HQ of the detachment.

Junior Aflleje 3Closing out the first detachment is Heavy Support which includes a Cronos for some great ranged attacks and 3 Talos for more high-quality melee options, and pretty good anti-armor weapons.

The 3rd and final detachment is led by an Archon and Drazhar, bringing it full circle with 2 HQs that buff up Incubi and Kabal units. Drazhar is also a machine on his own with great weapons and statline.

Junior Aflleje 4Troops of course bring in 10 Kabalite Trueborn to benefit from the Archon aura and just to lay down some shots while potentially grabbing an objective.

Elites include a small squad of 5 Incubi which get nice bonuses from both Drazhar and the Archon, but certainly aren’t a focus of the list.

Finally, there are 3 Raiders each of which can transport troops up the board all while being able to shoot out and protect them.

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What do you think about all three of these top 40k army lists from the XPZ Last Chancer GT? 

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