Before You Get Mad at AdeptiCon About 3D Printing

adepticon-model-policyBefore you get up in arms about 3D Printing at AdeptiCon please read the whole model policy, and this clarification on the rules!

These days everyone seems to love 3D printing (we even have a store for it…) however, we understand why some tournaments want at least some Games Workshop parts present on models, for you know, GW events. People were recently quite upset about the new AdeptiCon rules, but perhaps a bit unfairly…

First off, The Adepticon model policy is fairly lenient (in our opinion) for a major tournament sponsored by GW. regardless they have to lay down some rules to avoid very sticky situations either way.

We also got some confirmation from the TOs themselves on their policy and here’s why.

Before You Get Mad at AdeptiCon About 3d Printing Read This

Let’s start with the section of the Adepticon model policy rules that got people all worked up:

AdeptiCon RulesBoycott? Come on bro…

This comes from the 3D Printing 40k Facebook Group and you can tell by the title, people were quite mad with over 500 comments already.

Problem is, the OP was pretty irresponsible by only showing a portion of the policy, with no link to the whole policy itself, so folks could read the entire thing.

When you first read this, it is a little frustrating, as they do say no fully 3D printed models that are direct 1:1 models. This prevents recasts and direct 3D prints. However, when you take the rest of the rules into account, it’s not as bad as it first seems.

We reached out to Adepticon to clarify the situation and here is what they said:

We have two rules
1.  If you are using FW rules you need FW models
2.  You can have 3D bits, parts, upgrades, etc …
Alt heads, shoulder pads, knight upgrades, etc …
But some parts of those models should be GW

That seems pretty fair to us, as you’ll see below, there can be some really interesting situations that pop up if you just allow everyone to run wild with whatever models…

Plus, they allow tons of 3D printed parts, they just want some of the original model to be there.

AdeptiCon RulesWhen you read the highlighted statement from the rules, which you can download here, it gets a lot better for players who want to convert, add effects, or use 3d bits. It says right there you can supplement your army with them.

They just don’t want entire armies of non-GW or Forge World minis and mainly for two reasons. First, it can be very hard to ensure an entirely alternative model army is up to standards for height, weapons, etc…

The second is to stop something like the below from happening. When you compare this to GW’s rules (who don’t even allow for resin bases…) Adepticon is about as lenient as you’ll get.

3d printed 2A few years ago, someone won a tournament here in North Carolina with neon green printed Caladiuses and paper bases (you can see the full article on it here). If there are no rules in place, it can lead to some really silly things that leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. While it was legal according to that event’s rules then, it’s simply not respectful of other hobbyists’ efforts.

Overall for a major tournament of this size, at least to us, Adepticon has fairly lenient rules. They don’t want to stop you from 3D printing altogether, just 1:1 recasts and if you play with Forge World models, you have to have the actual models to use them. Really not terrible when it comes down to it in our minds.

What do you think about the 3D printing policy model policy at Adepticon? 

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