GW’s New MTO Black Library, LoTR, & Licensed Releases

new-black-library-releasesGW revealed even more new releases next week, as new MTO Black Library, LOTR, and some new Licensed releases are hitting pre-orders!

Games Workshop just let us in on all the new releases that will be going up for pre-order this coming Saturday at 1PM eastern here in the states.

Now let’s look at next week’s Pre-Order line-up from Warhammer Community.

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MTO Horus Heresy books 41 to 45

Horus Heresy books 41 to 45

You’ll be able to get your hands on The Master of Mankind, Garro: Weapon of Fate, Shattered Legions, The Crimson King, and Tallarn – books 41 to 45 in the series. Witness the Emperor and Malcador battle to save Terra in The Master of Mankind, follow Garro’s continuing adventures in Garro: Weapon of Fate, and get to know Magnus the Red as he wrestles with his broken soul in The Crimson King. Not enough Horus Heresy? Grab the anthology Shattered Legions for a host of short stories covering the remnants of the Isstvan V massacre, and follow it up with John French’s Tallarn series in one volume.

These are all also “Print on Demand” essentially acting like a Black Library MTO release, so be sure to pick up any of these if you are missing them and interested.

Some of these hardcover versions are going for hundreds on the secondary market so this is good news for collectors.

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Rutabi and Brórgîr

Rutabi and Brórgîr

Here’s your chance to lead the Rhûnnish Dragon Cults into battle with two Easterling Heroes. Personally trained by the Dragon Emperor himself, Rutabi is a powerful Hero and one of the foremost Easterling generals.

Brórgîr, on the other hand, is the head Easterling War Priest, who has delved into the ancient texts to enhance his dark powers to earth-shattering levels.

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Raven Guard Assault Intercessor Veteran Sergeant

While North America has had access to this figure for a while now, the rest of the world will also be able to pick it up soon! It is unclear if North America will also be able to get it through the GW Webstore or not going forward.

Raven Guard Assault Intercessor Veteran Sergeant

The Raven Guard Assault Intercessor Veteran Sergeant action figure was originally only available in GameStop stores in North America. The rest of the world (excluding China and North America) can shortly order him from the Games Workshop webstore. Decked out in the colours of the stealthiest of Space Marine Chapters, at seven inches tall he’ll still stick out in any display, designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing.

There are also 4 Artist Proof figures, that you can paint up yourself for a more unique hobby challenge.  All 4 of which will go to the rest of the world first, then in the US and Canada “a little later”.

They are mostly all currently available on Amazon already, if you missed them or dont want to wait for them to hit the Games Workshop webstore.

Ymgarl Genestealer – Artist’s Proof

Genestealer McFarlane 2If you’re feeling especially outlandish, the Artist’s Proof version represents one of the infamous Ymgarl Genestealers, complete with the tell-tale combination of scything talons and feeder tendrils. As a blank canvas, you can paint your action figure in the colours of your Hive Fleet of choice.

Last but not least, the Nids are also getting an AP as well. So if you want to paint up your custom scheme, you can! Order yours here at this link.

Space Marines Reiver With Grapnel Launcher – Artist’s Proof

Warhammer 40k McFarlane 2

If you’d rather paint your own Reiver action figure, the Artist’s Proof is the ideal choice. What’s more, in place of the Ultramarines Reiver’s bolt carbine and a grav-chute, this version is equipped with alternative wargear in the form of a grapnel launcher, offering added variety should you get them both.

It’s interesting they gave this one a different weapon choice for the AP. These are really fun to paint up and you can make it whatever chapter you want. Order yours here at this link.

Ork Meganob With Shoota

Ork mega nob McFarlane

Da Orks iz ’ere! The first of four greenskin action figures from McFarlane Toys sees an Ork Meganob armed with a kustom shoota and power klaw and clad in mega armour enter the fray. You also can kit out his armour rig with an optional backpack with attached banner pole, and give him the metal jaw that no self-respecting Nob would be seen without.

warhammer-merchandiseClick Here To Get your Warhammer 40k Gifts & Merchandise! 

This is the first Ork we’ve seen from them and it’s pretty cool, but the paint job does leave a little to be desired. You can always fix it up if you want but having some giant Orks hanging around would be so much fun! Order yours here at this link.

Ork Big Mek – Artist’s Proof

Ork mega nob McFarlane 4

The Artists’ Proof edition of the mega-armoured Ork Big Mek is the perfect opportunity for you to try your hand at painting a large-scale greenskin. Armed and equipped with the same wargear as the painted version, you can add your own creative flair to this awesome action figure to make it truly your own.

If you’re not too excited about the paint jobs on the above Orks, then this is the way to go. Order yours here at this link.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Elector Counts

warhammer fantasy roleplay elector counts

Fans of the World-that-Was have just received a blessing in the form of Total War: Warhammer III on PC, but if you can tear yourself away from your screens for a moment, you’ll be able to enjoy a game of backstabbing with Cubicle Seven’s Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Elector Counts – An Old World Card Game.

Pre-orders are open right now over on Cubicle Seven, so head over and lock in your copy if you’re interested.

Warhammer 40,000 Risk

Warhammer 40,000 Risk

For those who fancy themselves a grand strategist, commanding the broader strokes in the battle for the Nachmund Sector, here’s Warhammer 40,000 Risk. This board game for three to five players pits Marneus Calgar’s Ultramarines, Abaddon the Despoiler’s Black Legion, and the xenos hoards of the craftworld Aeldari, Orks, and Genestealer Cults against each other.

The iconic strategy board game takes a turn for the grimdark! Nachmund is up for grabs and now you can play for it in risk-style games.

You can pick this up right now over on Amazon, so click here to lock yours in if you want to try it out!

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