New Chaos Hydra Head: GW 40k Rumor Engine

Rumor Engine new GW header wal horAnother new model may be on the horizon for Chaos in 40k or AoS from this GW rumor engine, or is it something else entirely?

Games Workshop just unveiled another new rumor engine and this time it looks like it could be a ton of different possibilities!  Check out the details of the latest model that looks to be on the way for 40k or AoS from Warhammer Community.

Chaos Hydra Head: GW 40k Rumor Engine

rumor engine 02-15-22

This engine is super unique and of course, looks a little chaos-y, but it’s almost definitely a new model or re-design. The most likely candidates for a redesign are probably a Hellbrute or Defiler with the metal lashes changed to these daemonic chaos-looking hydra head from this rumor engine.

Of course, it could be something else or even a brand new model altogether!

DefilerWhile the Defiler/Soul Grinder kit could use an update, it’s a little bit of a stretch to assume they’ll change the metal flails to demonic heads…

With the chance acknowledged, it seems most likely going to be a new kit.

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What do you think this head is, or what does it belong to? Could this really be another new Chaos model for Warhammer 40k?

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