New Dark Forest Terrain from Kromlech!

Screenshot_303The new Dark Forest Terrain from Kromlech will make your table look awesome in minutes- check out the newest terrain!

Kromlech is always putting out some of the coolest alternative minis, terrain, and bits on the market! If you haven’t checked them out before, they are definitely worth looking into. This time though, we’ll be focusing on a bunch of new terrain that would be perfect for either fantasy or a Grimdark planet.

With so much awesome terrain, you can get a bunch of it and make your table scary and top it off with an abandoned windmill. Let’s check out everything that’s on the way!

Abandoned Windmill: $69.58

Dark Forest terrainObviously, this is all about the scary forest, and the insane creatures that might come out of them! If you love what Kromlech is up to, check out everything else they have been releasing here as well!


dark forest 3

dark forest 2Let’s hear what they have to say about this set:

Abandoned a long time ago, the great windmill is a majestic and sturdy construction towering over even the highest trees of the Dark Forest. Once a proud proof of mankind’s domination over the surrounding landscape, now it is only a solitary reminiscence of its former glory, slowly being overrun by the unstoppable forces of nature.
This set contains one large Abandoned Windmill with a detachable rooftop, playable interior, and movable top floor and blades. Supplied unassembled and unpainted. Includes full-color assembly instructions. 

Dark Forest Woods: $88.15

dark forest 4


dark forest 5

Trees of the Dark Forest are unlike any other. They grow to enormous sizes, their trunks wide and branches covered with thick foliage of leaves even in winter. Some say that it happens so due to the ancient magic that once ruled over this land. The others state that the forest is alive and self-conscious, wanting to express its dominance over mankind.
This set contains three high-quality resin models of Dark Forest Trees. Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale wargames. 

Dark Forest Haystacks: $28.99


This set contains three high-quality resin models of Haystacks. Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale wargames.

Dark Forest Signposts: $11.59

dark forest 8


dark forest 9

This set contains three high quality resin models of Dark Forest Signposts. Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale wargames.

That does it for this one, now go get some awesome terrain!

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