New Horus Heresy /40k & Blood Bowl Character Pre-Orders

Don’t miss next week’s new releases that were just revealed for Horus Heresy /40k and Blood Bowl that will be hitting pre-order Saturday.

Games Workshop just let us in on all the new releases that will be going up for pre-order this coming Saturday at 1 PM Eastern time here in the states.

Now let’s look at next week’s Pre-Order line-up from Warhammer Community to coincide with the 2022 Black Library Celebration!

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Kicking off the Black Library Celebration are two stunning new miniatures for The Horus Heresy. With such a great beard, Fafnir Rann looks like he could be a son of Russ, but he’s actually one of the stoic Imperial Fists. He’s as unstoppable on the attack as he is unyielding in defence, and his twin axes – the Hunter and the Headsman – will slice through any traitors foolish enough to get close.

Straight outta the Seige of Terra series, two amazing characters are getting models, and hopefully, that means rules in Horus Heresy too.

Fafnir Rann

fafnir rann

fafnir rann

A celebrated officer of the Imperial Fists, Captain Rann was charged with the defence of the strategically vital Lions Gate Spaceport. He later joined the Templar Brethren, fighting alongside Sigismund and earning ever greater glory.

Not to mention he wades into battle with not one but TWO axes! Something about the blender that these guys must create in assault just screams, stay very very far away.

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fafnir rann details

He’s a veritable mountain of stubborn strength, even for a superhuman Space Marine, wielding his signature twin power axes.

Dominion Zephon

dominion zephon

Dominion Zephon had his Great Crusade cut short when he suffered terrible injuries at the hands of xenos warriors. No less a tech-adept than Arkhan Land – the (re)discoverer of the Land Raider and Land Speeder – created his new bionics and got him back in the fight. His jump pack lets him zip around the battlefield to bring his volkite serpenta pistols to wherever they can do the most damage.

Dominion Zephon

Zephon, while not high-ranking, always seemed to find his way to the centre of the action. His body was shattered in battle just before the events of the Siege of Terra, and his extensive augmetic surgeries brought him into contact with a Tech-Priest by the name of Arkhan Land

This new Jump Pack character is right at home in the Blood Angels and can probably find a use in some 40k lists as a smash captain alternative mini with some conversion work.

Dominion Zephon details

He fought alongside the Adeptus Custodes, was recruited by Malcador the Sigillite, and fought on the front lines of the siege, fearlessly protecting and inspiring the soldiers at every turn. This incredible model shows his unusual bionic limbs, as well as the grace and fury of the Blood Angels.

With all the unique aspects of this model, it should make for a pretty fun painting and hobbying challenge too!

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Two new star players are finally getting their models for the supplement that was released way back in fall of 2019! Get excited for Fungus the Loon and Bomber Dribblesnot to hit the pitch!

Fungus the Loon and Bomber Dribblesnot

Fungus is the ultimate Goblin Fanatic, taking out opposition players with his Ball & Chain while Bomber chucks explosives to blow gaps in their defensive line.

That’s it for the new model releases that will be hitting pre-order this week on February 19th, 2022!

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Are you excited about the new specialist releases and the Horus Heresy models?

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