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By Rob Baer | February 4th, 2022 | Categories: News / Rumors, Patreon

email-ad-patreon-minaitures-crate-cor-whiteDon’t miss out on a Free $25 Gift in the new February Miniatures of the Month Crate plus $60 worth of minis for only $45 shipped!

We know you love being on the cutting edge of the hobby, and getting new products like miniatures, paints, and tools!  That’s why we created a way for you to not only save more hobby dollars but also get new and exclusive hobby products from us as often as once a month while supporting the site!


New Years Special:

Get a Free $25 gift on us right now! Just sign up for any of the miniature crate tiers ($35, $45, $60, $100, or $200) before the end of this month, you’ll also get a free gift from our hobby product vault valued at $25 in addition to all the other membership rewards this month!


Monthly Miniatures Drop:

Just $45 a month gets you an $85 value crate shipped to you for the month you sign up, plus all our amazing membership rewards!

Each month after your first you’ll get $60 MSRP in value for only a $45 sub price. Also included in this pledge tier is worldwide shipping, so you get $60 in miniatures shipped to your door!

A Curated Monthly Miniatures Drop Sent to supporters: HeresyLab Assassins Set: $45 (HeresyLab), Primaris Captain: $35 (Games Workshop)

Select Your First Miniature Drop Loadout Here

That’s at least $85 of value in your first shipment PLUS our normal Spikey Bits swag bag just for supporting us!**

Get your choice of 3 miniatures and our Spikey Bits Swag Bag shipped to you the month you sign up for just $15!

That’s right- Just $15 a month gets you a minimum of $35 in miniatures shipped to you the month you sign up, plus all our amazing membership rewards!

Primaris Space Marine Captain

Select Your Reward Crate Loadout Here

That’s three miniatures PLUS our normal Spikey Bits swag bag shipped to you, just for supporting us!*

Pledges of $35 or more will get a miniatures crate back in the mail as often as once every month with your choice of game system and faction (like Warhammer) with shipping included as part of your membership!

Click Here & Get a Shipment This Month!

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