Stone & Tundra Trolls: Asgard Rising January 3D STL Files

January Asgard Rising feature rCome see what cool 3d STL files you get when you support Asgard Rising on Patreon, including these new Stone and Tundra Trolls!

Don’t miss out on these awesome files! You can use these Asgard Rising minis in a host of different tabletop games and they look amazing. If you’ve been looking to add some flavor to your fantasy army, this is the Patreon to support. If you want to see what they released in the previous months, go check it out here.

Asgard Rising Welcome Pack:

GREETINGS TRAVELER! SET: (this package will be systematically-monthly enlarged):
For all Patreons:

Asgard Welcome Set

  • Hofgothi – Pagan Priest/Seer (standard miniature with alternative head);
  • Second Community Goal Winner
  • Notice/Quest Board;
  • Smoked Sturgeon;
  • Rune Rock with Crow;
  • Modular Barrel Set;
  • Forest Skull Totem/Marker;
  • Wolf Trap/Hole
  • Huge Weapons/Shields Set (20 elements)

MONTHLY MINIATURES PACK: plus unique bases made especially for those models:

    • This month set consists of:
    • Hill Giant for all patrons from (giant miniature)
    • Berserker modular Warband (standard miniatures)
    • Cursed by Odin Werecreatures Warband (large miniatures)
    • Universal Round Bases Set.

MONTHLY TERRAINS PACK: (optimized for standard resin printers too) made especially to fit with Monthly Miniatures Pack. Available with $13 Tier & Official Marchant Tier: “Viking Fortifications”.


We release a Monthly Miniatures Pack and MonthlyTerrains Pack at the beginning of each month. The STL files will be deleted at the end of each month. (so make sure you download the files in time) They will be purchasable on our online store afterward. 
All files from this Patreon will be for personal use only. Patrons also receive a discount in our online store (-25%), and on MMF 
Discount code and Discord server can be found in the “Welcome Note” when you become our patron. 

Asgard Rising January 3D STL Files:

January Asgard Rising


January Asgard Rising 2


January Asgard Rising 3


January Asgard Rising 4


January Asgard Rising 5


January Asgard Rising 6If you love everything fantasy and tabletop, don’t miss out on such amazing models! Be sure to get in on this Patreon today.

Get Your Asgard Rising January 3D STL Files Here!

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